Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Chulia Street的云吞面

来到了Chulia Street当然是不能错过远近驰名的云吞面啦~ 这摊云吞面在傍晚六点左右就开始准备开摊了。没多久,附近的座位都坐满了人,各各都盯着这摊云吞面。今天,我有幸品尝到了这驰名的云吞面,如果十分是满分的话,我会给它打个七分。

When talking about food in Chulia Street, it is always the wantan noodle being mentioned. This wantan noodle seller will set up their stall at around 6pm. Soon, the seat around the stall will be fully occupied by people and all are staring at the wantan noddle stall waiting for ordering. Today, I am very lucky to have taste this famous wantan noodle. If 10 is to be the full mark, I will rate this wantan noodle a 7 out of 10. The selling price for the small wantan noodle is RM3 while the big one is RM4.20. Besides wantan noodle, there are a lot other food stall nearby like curry mee, lobak, dim sum, char kway teow, fruits and so on. If you want to taste the wantan mee, I suggest you come earlier at around 6pm and wait for it because it will be crowded with people as the sky turns dark and the seat is very limited.


  1. Another wantan mee stall at Chulia Street, which I also think is good. :-)

    1. Will go and try it out next time. :)


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