Sunday, 28 July 2013

Minions @ Georgetown

Minions is in the town!


The minions that have drive many Penangite crazy is now becoming a part of Georgetown. Yesterday when I was browsing Facebook, I saw there are people sharing the picture of this two minions. And so, today I purposely went to Georgetown just to snap it.


Previously, Penangites have line up overnight at Mc Donald just to purchase the minion dolls. Now, they have to line up to snap a photo of these minions in Georgetown.


One-eye minion : Ouch, my eye!

这对小黄人是在Lorong Soo Hong里的一根小柱子。在变成小黄人之前,这根小柱子是一根为了配合马来西亚大选而画上的一根涂着墨汁的手指。Lorong Soo Hong就在图里的这栋紫色墙壁的建筑物的旁边,而这栋建筑物就在Lebuh Armenian那里。

These two minions is painted on a small pillar in the Soo Hong Lane. Before the small pillar become these minions, it is actually a finger mural with ink on it. Soo Hong Lane is located at the side of the purple building as shown in the photo and this purple building is located at Armenian Street.


  1. I went there in week days! So, no need to queue ;p

    1. I see. So we have to pick the right time to see this minions..haha.. :D


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