Tuesday, 1 October 2013


Vandalism or art?

这幅壁画就在牛干冬南海会馆右边的Nasi Kandar Line Clear的停车场的墙上。

What is your thought at your first look at this wall painting? Obviously, the style of this wall painting is totally different from the 'Sibling riding a bicycle' wall painting. Normally, when people saw this kind of mural (or should I say graffiti), they will have a thought of 'it must be the vandalism done by the juvenile delinquent' come across their mind. But, what if you actually know that this is an artwork done by some artist, will you have a different thinking?
This mural is located at the Nasi Kandar Line Clear's car park beside Nam Hooi Wooi Koon at Lebuh Chulia.

在这涂鸦旁还有另外两幅涂鸦,写着Cloak和Nestwo。艺术家们在涂鸦旁边留下了面子书的连接,所以我就上面子书找了找。在CloakworkNestwo面子书上,可以看到的是这两位艺术家都有在很多地方涂鸦作画。最近在我工作的Lebuh Gereja那里也多了一幅涂鸦,不晓得这是不是也是他们的作品。

Beside this graffiti there were another two graffiti, written 'Cloak' and 'Nestwo'. The artist has wrote the Facebook link beside these graffiti and so I have go and search it on Facebook. On Cloakwork and Nestwo's Facebook, what I saw was these two artists were making their graffiti at many places. Recently, at Church Street there was another graffiti appeared, I was wondering whether it is their artwork as well.


The main purpose I wrote this article is to listen to the thought of the people nowadays regards graffiti, is it that the traditional thinking of graffiti is vandalism has been broken? I would like to hear your thought. Graffiti is an art or vandalism?


  1. without the illegal painting the wall still an old dirty wall, but with it on the wall become a landmark...if you want it to be legal...you go apply from MPPP authorities they will ask you go ask The Wall Owner...then the Owner will ask you apply from the Police Department...then the cycle continue...end up the wall still an old dirty wall,,,

    1. What you are saying has the point, it might be a landmark somehow and can boost the tourism in that area. However, in my opinion, regardless of it's legality I am actually irritated by some of the minions mural painting. Well, the main reason is because of the purpose of the mural itself. I am thinking that they were drawing the mural to attract more tourist (customers) to that area which I think it is somehow it is irresponsible to the city itself. The second thing is that their drawing skill is actually not professional (sorry if it is offended to anyone but I must say this because I really think so). What I am saying can be wrong as well, so I need to hear from the thought of others. So, I really appreciate your comment. I hear something new today, thank you. :D


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