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虽然已被抹去,但是相信很多人都见过它吧。它原本是一头马来貘,在这个蓝色墙上已经有一段时间了。这头马来貘上方写着“下一个被抹去的应该是我了”。没想到它的寿命真的是这么短,就这样走了。其实呢,这头并不是第一头马来貘。之前,这间屋子的另一边墙上也是有一只马来貘的,不过最终也是被抹去了。这幅消失的马来貘与熊猫壁画是在Prangin Mall对面的停车场那里的。沓田仔街前往Prangin Mall的方向直走,到街的尽头时转右,然后直走一些就会看到停车场在你的右边了。这时你就会看到壁画在停车场的墙上。

Yesterday when I was riding a bus, I saw this mural painting and it is being erased! Obviously, it is being erased by the bad panda at the side. Now, it has only left with it's four feet. Though it has been erased, but I believe that many people have seen it before. Originally, it was a tapir. This tapir has been living on this blue wall for some time. On the tapir, it is written that 'Guess I am the next to be erased', and pretty soon, it happened. Actually, this is not the first tapir being drawn. Before this, there was another tapir on the other side of the wall, but lastly it was being erased as well. This erased tapir and the panda mural painting is located at the car park opposite Prangin Mall. From Carnarvon Street moving towards to Prangin Mall, turn right when you come to a junction at the end of the street. Then, moving forward a bit and you will see the car park at your right and the mural is on the wall of the car park.

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