Wednesday, 4 September 2013


中元普渡,盂兰胜会 Hungry Ghost Festival


Time passes quickly and soon it is the 28th day of the 7th lunar month. I have been accompany the God of Hades for a month due to my job and I have learnt a lot of things regarding the Chinese Hungry Ghost Festival. It all thanks to a great teacher I have. Today, I went to Kimberly Street to carry out my task. However, this time it is not about the Chinese Hungry Ghost festival. It is the celebration for the birthday of the Hei Wu Chang and the Bai Wu Chang. We was told that the ceremony was started on 5pm but when we reached there, the person in charge told us that they will start on 7pm. And so, we went to Bee Hooi coofee garden to kill our time. Soon after that, it rains. It didn't stop until 8pm. When the rain stopped, I took a photo of the Kimberly Street. And after that, my job begins.

中元普渡,盂兰胜会 Hungry Ghost Festival


About 9pm, I have finished my job. I thought to go back home straight but I was thinking that tomorrow will be the last day of the Chinese Hungry Ghost Festival, so I have decided to go have and a look at the still on-going Chinese Hungry Ghost Festival. The picture above is the Pitt Street Hungry Ghost Festival.

中元普渡,盂兰胜会 Hungry Ghost Festival


The Pitt Street Hungry Ghost Festival has organised a total of 6 nights concert. Previously, I went to see the concert as a surveyor, which is my job, but today I was a real audience that was enjoying the night as how the other does. Really, without the 'job' tittle at my side, I was totally enjoying the concert and my body was dancing with the music.

中元普渡,盂兰胜会 Hungry Ghost Festival


This guitarist has grabbed my attention. He is just too rock!


Tomorrow is the last day of the Chinese Hungry Ghost Festival, so I will definitely go to send back the God of Hades to where he came from!

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