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【Penang Gourmet】The Ah Soon Laksa of the Night Market | Sungai Dua

Sungai Dua Asam Laksa
Ah Soon Laksa

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Yesterday, having doing nothing at home for the whole day, I have decided to go to the Sungai Dua night market for a walk. Every time I went to this night market, I will definitely fill my stomach with this Ah Soon Laksa.

The meat of the fish of this laksa is in bigger pieces compare to other laksa. And for the noodle, I believe it is handmade one as it is rough and thick, yet the elasticity of the noodle still remain great! The soup of the laksa is quite sour and has no fishy smell. A small bowl of Ah Soon laksa costs RM3 while the big one costs RM3.50.

Sungai Dua Asam Laksa

Ah Soon laksa is selling it's laksa on a lorry. There are tables and chairs surrounded the lorry for the customer to enjoy the laksa. In Sungai Dua night market, there are two stalls that are selling laksa. This Ah Soon laksa is the one that is opposite the Sungai Dua Tesco Extra at the traffic light there.

Sungai Dua Asam Laksa

You can also get to try Ah Soon laksa at other night market. On Monday, Ah Soon laksa will be at Macallum Street, Tuesday will be at Iping Batu Maung, Wednesday will be at Farlim Bandar Baru, Thursday will be at Mahsuri Bayan Baru and for Saturday it will be at this Sungai Dua night market.

This post was originally written on 4th August 2013

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