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Ever been to the goat farm in Penang? There is a Saanen Dairy goat farm located in Balik Pulau and it's owner is Mr. Ho Juan Aun. Mr. Ho has been running this goat farm for 8 years and it is opened to public started from the third year.
Today, me and a senior has came to this goat farm. However, our objective is not to visit this goat farm but to invite Mr. Ho to give a talk for the camp that we organised. Mr. Ho has agreed to our proposal without charging us money. Due to the limited time we have, I couldn't have taken many photos. All that I have took were this charming goat and the two goat mural paintings that were not there yet during my last visit.


This is the mural painted by Mr. Ho's daughter. It looks real and it is very beautiful!


And this is a mural drawn by two Taiwanese. Mr. Ho said that they are using 3 hours to complete the mural and all just by imagining it.

下次有机会到养羊场慢慢参观的话一定会拍多点照片作更仔细地介绍的。现在能做的就给你们带个路吧。从浮罗市镇的喷水池转右边然后直走。一直直走,你将会经过两个分叉路口,这两个分叉路口都往右边行。刚过第二个分叉路口不久你将会看到新民小学。在新民小学前的路口弯左,只走然后注意右边。看到一个写着Kem PLKN的牌子时,弯进那条牌子的小路然后直走就会看到养羊场了。

Next time if I have the chance to stay at the goat farm for a longer period, I will surely to introduce this wonderful place with lots of photos. Well, all I can do now is to provide the direction to the goat farm. From the Balik Pulau town's fountain, turn right and drive straight. You will pass through two junctions and keep right for these two junctions. After passing the second junction, you will soon see a SJK (C) Sin Min primary school. Turn left at the junction before the school and drive straight. Now, do notice your right hand side for a sign board written Kem PLKN. Turn right to go into the small road where the sign board is and drive straight and you will see the Saanen Dairy goat farm soon.


This is the Facebook page of the Saanen Dairy Goat Farm. To know more details about the goat farm, please click here.

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