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Still remember this Ah Gong? He was once appeared in the Chew Jetty' Ah Gong Ah Ma mural which has been erased due to vandalism work (should be the same person as the erased Ah Gong as their physical appearance are the same). Previously, I have always thought that the superman at the Chew Jetty entrance is this Ah Gong, but then after doing some research, I found that they are two different persons. The superman is actually the grandson of the Ah Ma.


This is the erased Ah Gong Ah Ma mural in Chew Jetty. When I took this photo, it was already being vandalised.


And this is the Ah Ma and Ah Soon (Ah Ma's grandson) mural at the entrance of Chew Jetty (had been mistakenly thought that the superman is the Ah Gong for quite a long time :p).

看到这张图想必大家已经知道这幅阿公壁画在那里了吧?没错,他就是和颜诒隆的“怀旧点餐”壁画画在同一道Penang‘s Art Cafe墙上的。更详细的地点可以参考次文章哦。

I believe that most of you already have the idea where this Ah Gong mural is when seeing this photo. Yup, it is painted on the same wall as the Louis Gan's 'Nostalgic Meal Order' mural at Kinta Lane. For a detail location, you can refer to this article.


There is a question in my mind. What is the relationship between the little girl and Ah Gong?


  1. 没看清楚还以为旁边两位小小的是真的人咧。。呵呵

    1. 哈哈。。经你这么一提还真的是有点像,两幅壁画的比例差别很大。。嘻嘻

  2. 旁边的那我女孩是阿公的情人。呵呵!!!~


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