Friday, 19 July 2013

颜诒隆(Louis Gan)的杰作壁画

这幅这么有味道的壁画就在Kinta Lane,Penang‘s Art Cafe的墙上。如果从Macalister Road来的话,看到益香绑线肉骨茶然后湾进旁边的道路,过后你就会看到壁画了。

This mural painting has indeed brings back the old time. It is said that the people of the old time was buying food this way. The people staying upstairs will put the money in the basket and then drop down the basket. The hawker will then take the money and put the food inside the basket and then the people staying upstairs will pull up the basket to get the food. This mural is located at Kinta Lane, on the wall of Penang's Art Cafe. If you go from Macalister Road, turn in to the lane beside the Yi Xiang Bak Kut Teh and then you will see the mural.


Nyonya putting down the basket from upstairs.


The hawker selling Wan Tan Mee downstairs.

这幅“小孩篮球乐”的壁画就再Lebuh Chulia。 从海墘新路湾进来,将会看到一个Hai Key Cafe在你的左边,这幅壁画就在那里面。在这里有提供租借脚踏车的服务哦。

This 'Children Playing Basketball' mural is located at Lebuh Chulia. If you come from Weld Quay, you will see a Hai Key Cafe board on your right, and the mural is just inside there. Bicycle rental service is available at there.

而这幅“兄弟荡秋千”的壁画也是再Lebuh Chulia, 就在“小孩篮球乐”壁画的正对面的小巷。这条小巷原本是没有名字的,现在被命名为按部就班巷(Step By Step Lane)。听说这名字是在壁画后面的SBS公司取的。

And this 'Children On The Swing' is also located at Lebuh Chulia, in an alley exactly opposite the 'Children Playing Basketball' mural. This alley is originally nameless until it is name with 'Step By Step Lane'. This name is given by the SBS company that is at the back of this mural.

这三幅壁画都是出至于同一个画家,颜诒隆(Louis Gan)。由于颜诒隆是听障者,其弟弟颜诒俊代表发言时说,虽然他的哥哥是年轻人,不过,对于传统、文化和古迹都很有兴趣,希望能够透过画笔把这些东西留下来,以免随着时光流逝,这些美好的画面和传统文化也消失和被遗忘。

These three mural paintings are drawn by a same artist, Louis Gan. Due to the hearing problem Louis Gan has, his younger brother speaks for him that despite Louis Gan is young, yet he is interested in tradition, cultural and heritage. He hope that he can keep these things via his drawing.

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