Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Binggold Enterprise : A Do It Yourself Shop



Went for a walk at Georgetown after a long while. Those familiar streets are now crowded with boutique hotels, home-stays, inns and newly opened restaurants. I walked and walked and I met with this new mural, a black and white little child mural. With this, one more mural count is added to my mural collection.


This little child mural is located on a pillar in front of this 'Do It Yourself' shop. This shop is owned by a Malay and they were just opened recently. Their business hour is from morning until evening.


This comic-style mural in front of the shop is drawn by the owner of the shop.


There is no signboard at the front of the shop. However, I am certain that 'BINGGOLD' is their shop's name.


These bookmarks are one of the goods sold in the shop, 3 for RM10. These are not ordinary bookmarks, they are made of woods. You can draw or write something on the bookmarks by yourself or you can ask for the help from the shopkeeper. Surely, these bookmarks will become a good gift for friends.


Next, lets look at these boxes. Same as the bookmarks, you can draw or write on the box. You get to decide for the decoration of the box too. You can paste the plastic letters on the box to make it unique.


BINGGOLD also sells cups, one for RM10. Besides, they also provide printing service on the cup. Take a photo of yourself in Penang and print it on the cup to make it a memorable souvenir present.


This can also be a good souvenir for friends. I am not sure about the price.


These chairs has caught my attention. There are drawing on the chairs and these drawing are all drawn by the shop owner. I am thinking that this owner must be a talented artist. The drawing on the chair are so beautiful and so real. Just that, the chair is a little bit expensive. One chair costs RM50.

Tom Cruise,很像吧?

Does it looks the same?


My childhood, Super Mario!

说了那么多,是时候该告诉你们地点了。这间BINGGOLD就在Gat Lebuh Acheh和Lebuh Victoria交叉路口处的角头间,Sushi Kitchen的左边。

Now, after the long talk, let's reveal it's location. BINGGOLD is located at the crossroad between Acheen Street Ghaut and Victoria Street, left side of Sushi Kitchen.


  1. 哇,假如买了那椅子,应该都不舍得坐吧!!! =]

    1. 哈哈。。也对也对,我怎么都没想到这一点。。嘻嘻。。


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