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Art Is Rubbish / Rubbish Is Art. Solo show by Ernest Zacharevic.



When you see these English letters, I believe that most of you know what I am going to write about in this article. Yup, what I am about to write is the 'Art Is Rubbish Is Art' solo show by Ernest Zacharevic.

On Facebook, the description for this event is quite simple and creative in a way.

My very first solo exhibition.
Yes, it's in Penang.
No, you don't have to pay to get in.

Yes, you can take picture.

If you like the 'Sibling on bicycle' and the 'Boy on motorbike' mural, I am pretty sure that you will like the artworks in this exhibition as well.


At the entrance, there is a 'cannot touch artwork' board hanging on the wall. And so, I have been a nice kid in the exhibition without touching any artwork..haha..


This is how the inside look like. It is a long room whereby the walls at both side is fully hang with Ernest's artworks. Alright, let skip the talking and show you all the artworks one by one.

Girl in Pink (2014)
Oil & spray paint on wood
91 x 56 cm

Outdoor (2013)
Oil on wood
84 x 181 cm

The Drawer (2013)
Oil on wood
87 x 193 x 45 cm

看见这个The Drawer时,有种想要打开它看看里面是什么东西的欲望,不过想起了“不可触艺术品”的告示,所以最后还是没去打开了。

When I saw this drawer, I have the desire to open it to see what is hidden inside. However, the 'cannot touch artwork' board suddenly flash in my mind so I didn't open it at last.

这是在The Drawer上方的瓶子,瓶子上写着Art is Rubbish is Art。感觉挺美的。

This is the bottle on The Drawer. It is written 'Art is Rubbish is Art' on the bottle and I somehow feel like it is so beautiful.


I cant find the tittle for this artwork. Judging from it's look, I think Ernest is trying to convey that our body is actually works like a machine.

Kopi Gold (2013)
Murobond on wood
56 x 39 cm


This is one of my favourite artworks. Previously, I have went to the exhibition by Ernest and other artists and this artwork has deeply attracted me. At the first look, I really mistake it for the real thing!

The Roadwork Wizard (2014)
Oil & spray paint on wood
197 x 77.5 cm

Juste (2013)
Charcoal & oil on coffee bag canvas
92 x 61 cm

Jolin (2013)
Charcoal & oil on coffee bag canvas
92 x 61 cm

Trishaw Guy (2014)
Oil on wood blinds
187 x 275 cm

Recycle (2014)
Oil on wood blinds
187 x 275 cm

Style Wars (2013)
Oil & spray paint on wood
244 x 121 cm

International (2013)
Charcoal & murobond on wood
120 x 89 cm

其实我感觉这幅有点恐怖,那天真的有突然被吓倒了。 =P

Frankly, I was scared by this mural when I pass through it. It is somehow scary..hehe..

Betty (2013)
Charcoal & murobond on wood
104 x 99 cm

Produce of Indonesia (2013)
Charcoal on coffee bag canvas
91 x 141 cm

Girl with a Cat (2014)
Charcoal on coffee bag canvas
91 x 141 cm

Michael Jackson (2014)
Oil on board

所谓的Michael Jackson其实是豆水加仙草,是我常会点的饮料。

The Michael Jackson here is actually the combination of the soya and the grass jelly. It is one of my favourite drinks!

Cash Cow (2013)
Thumb tacks on wood
92 x 159 cm


If you look at it closely, you will find that this artwork is actually made of tons of thumb tacks.


Well, 'this cow doesn't like being touched!'.

Rubberband (2013)
Oil on wood
96 x 40 cm

Gunz 'n' Fishez (2014)
Water tank installation
45 x 45 x 91 cm


Well, this is definitely something only the artist can think of. I have never thought that the guns can actually become the decorations in a fish tank!


And so, this are all the artworks in the indoor. Now, it is the time to go outdoor! Before going out, there is a counter selling souvenirs at the corner. If you are thirsty, you can get a cup of coffee at there too.


The left side of the outdoor is a stage with hut. If you feel hot, you can always rest a little at this shady area.


Let first see what are there at the left side. Well, this giant mural is definitely the most obvious artwork of all.


Is this an elephant?

这两幅是在围墙上的。这只青色的狗在Lebuh Ah Quee那里也有哦,不晓得是不是恩纳斯画的呢?

This two murals is on the side wall. I have seen the green dog of the second mural at Ah Quee Street, I wonder if it was drawn by Ernest as well?


At the middle of the stage, there is a golden trolley with rubbishes in it. I think Ernest is trying to convey to us that rubbish can turn into gold if we put it to good use.


Done with the left side and now lets have a look at the right side. The right side is an open air area, so it is a bit hot if you are visiting in the noon.


I saw a shark on the big field!


The bend girl
Each artist is unique in their own way. Yet, only Ernest artworks can deeply attracted me. His drawing has the magical power that can touch the deepest part of my heart. Ernest, I just want to say that you are amazing!


It seems like Ernest like kids a lot. Many of his drawings are kids.


Kids on sampan.


The robbery mural was once a hot topic among Malaysian. Now, in his very own exhibition, Ernest once again show us this artwork, but this time it is in 3D.

话说,在Lebuh Ah Quee的小巷里头有个用纸粘上的转角遇到匪壁画,不过如今那里的这个阿婶路人已经不存在了。

By the way, there is this robbery mural at Ah Quee Street, but sadly this Auntie was destroyed.


The knife of this 3D thief was destroyed. It is mostly accidentally broken by the crowd.


Drink too much? Don't worry, there are toilets at there. The toilets are just beside the 3D robbery statues. Noted that the male and female logo of the toilet is the Lego logo. So creative..haha..


This is the last mural. The girl is holding the balloons made of the rubbish plastic bags. This is definitely a thoughtful mural.

The Horse (2014)
Ink on paper
109 x 138 cm


Horse year is around the corner so I think this horse is to wish all the Chinese a Happy Horse Year. By the way, it is kinda cute. XD

还没参观的朋友,动作可要快哦。这个画展的最后一天是二月十四日,还剩半个月罢了。画展每天都有开,从中午十二点至晚上八点。地点是在Hin Company Bus Depot,较明显的地标是对面的Hotel Grand Continental。要不然就到Gama超级市场,随着Jalan Gurdwara往下走,走到三条路的路口,你就会看到Hin Company Bus Depot在你的右边了。

If you wish to visit this exhibition, you batter move fast as it only lasts until 14th February. The exhibition is opened daily from 12pm to 8pm. The exact location is at the Hin Company Bus Depot. The more obvious landmark would be the Hotel Gran Continental at the opposite. Another way is to find Gama supermarket, and then walk along the Gurdwara Road until you come to the entrance of the Presgrave Road. By now, the Hin Company Bus Depot is at your right hand side.


Hereby, I wish all of you a Happy Horse Year in advance!


  1. wow, 太棒了,让我一次看个够,谢谢分享。

    1. 不客气,不过还是要在现场看才比较逼真哦~ 我拍得并不是很美。 XD

    2. 对,就是因为你的介绍,所以我昨天也去参观了。不介意的话,请来光临:http://happylovelydays.blogspot.com/2014/02/ernest-zacharevic-art-is-rubbish-is-art.html#more

    3. 其实我觉得你拍得很美,很专业!

  2. 你应该都带我们看完整场了吧?

    1. 算是吧,我应该是没有遗漏了。。嘻嘻~

  3. 太棒了,真的是要趁最后几天去看一看。

    1. 在这新年期间抽出一天去看看吧~

  4. such a nice gallery!! too bad I don have the chance to visit it le.

    1. Too bad, hopefully Ernest will do another exhibition soon.

  5. 最终还是没能去成。。。只能看你的blog解解吧。。。

    1. 朋友,别灰心。相信恩纳斯很快又会有新画展的! =]


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