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【Penang Kopitiam】The Hainan Cuisine Kopitiam In George Town | Sin Chuan Bee Coffee Shop

Sin Chuan Bee Coffee Shop
Roti Babi
Two days ago, in a conversation with my colleague, he has mentioned the words roti babi (pork bread). Usually, when it comes to roti, people will mention roti bakar (roasted bread) and roti kaya butter, but that day I have heard roti babi for the first time.

The above photo is the roti babi. My colleague said that it is Hai Nan food and we can actually taste it in Georgetown. So, he has brought me and another two colleagues to the Hai Nan coffee shop yesterday after we have finished our work. My colleague has ordered one roti babi for RM3.50 and we shared it. The minced pork is wrapped by the roti and then it is fried. It really taste good when serve together with the chili soy sauce!

Sin Chuan Bee Coffee Shop

This Hai Nan coffee shop is called Sin Chuan Bee restaurant. The business hour for this coffee shop is from Monday to Saturday, 12pm to 8pm.

Sin Chuan Bee Coffee Shop

It is very easy to find this Sin Chuan Bee restaurant. The easiest landmark is the Goddess of Mercy Temple. Opposite the temple is Lebuh China as shown in the above photo. Walk into this Lebuh China and keep looking at your left, finding the number 64 house plate. If you still cant find it, you can look at your right to find the Cheng Hoe Seah art gallery and the Sin Chuan Bee restaurant is just opposite the art gallery.

Sin Chuan Bee Coffee Shop

This is the interior of Sin Chuan Bee restaurant.

Sin Chuan Bee Coffee Shop

Besides roti babi, we have each ordered one Hai Nan chicken chop. This chicken chop cost RM8. The cooking for the chicken chop takes some time, so we have to wait patiently.

Sin Chuan Bee Coffee Shop

And this is the saturated ice coffee which earned the compliment from my colleague.

If you like Hai Nan cuisine, Sin Chuan Bee restaurant is a good place to go.

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This post was originally written on 27th July 2013

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