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【Penang Restaurant】The Healthy Seafood Claypot Porridge & The Authentic Chinese Dishes | Kampung Malabar

Claypot Porridge at Kampung Malabar

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There is this newly opened (5th July 2014) restaurant, "煲粥婆" at Kampung Malabar in Georgetown that serve the super delicious claypot porridge. This restaurant is run by China people and they serve some really nice China dishes as well. The restaurant was simple inside with a wide gap between each sitting place. It is no doubt a good place for a family or friends gathering.

This time, the food review was invited by HH. It was all thanks to HH's mum that we get to know this restaurant. HH said that her mum has been visiting this restaurant five times within two weeks and under her mum recommendation, HH has visited it once and wrote an article about it. Afterwards, there were customers dining at the restaurant showing HH's article to Summer (one of the partners that run the restaurant) and she found out that HH is actually the daughter of the regular customer. And so, Summer has invited HH and the other bloggers for a food review. HH, you are a red people now! XD


Fried Pork In Scoop - RM16

This pork meat was our first dish. The skin was a crispy layer drenched with the sweet sauce and the meat was firm. At first, I thought that the concentrated sauce was the lemon sauce, but the chef told us that it was the orange sauce. The chef said that this is actually a dish from the northeast part of China and the meat they used to cook this dish was taken form the best part of the pig.


Sautéed Diced Chicken With Chili And Pepper - RM18

This is a spicy chicken that was cooked together with the spices such as shallots, nuts, dry chilies and so on. One dish is about half a chicken and the oil the chef used to cook this dish is a homemade one. There were bones inside the chicken nuggets where I found that it was hard to eat as I have used to eat boneless chicken nuggets.


Sautéed Green Chili Pepper - RM12

Well, this is definitely the dish for those who like to eat chili! In China, this is a very popular dish and has a really high demand. The chilies were deep-fried and yet it gives the soft sensation. The taste was spicy and I actually felt a little bit sour (I think it came form the chili itself). According to the chef, the original fried chili in China is not spicy and the chili is way more bigger, too bad that the chef cant find such chili in Malaysia.


Hot And Spicy Cabbage - RM12

The cabbage was cooked fast enough so that it still gives the tender crisp sensation. The cabbage was fresh and sweet and it was added with the homemade red oil. The chef said that this cabbage dish was actually not up to the standard yet as they were kinda shortage of gas that day.


Barbecued Cuttlefish - RM22

I would like to recommend this cuttlefish. The cuttlefish gives the chewy sensation and the sweet sauce has somehow complete the taste. Really, it is a must try dish!


Curry Potatoes Stewed Beef Brisket - RM22

This beef curry was more to the Malaysian style. The taste wasn't as heavy as I expected so it wasn't really suite my taste. I also didn't eat beef so this dish doesn't really suitable for me.


Alright, it is time for the main dish! The claypot porridge was cooked with the live seafood and the time required to prepare one claypot porridge is about 35 minutes. Therefore, it is strongly recommended to call to pre-order the claypot porridge so that you wouldn't have to wait for a long time.


Though I am allergic to seafood, yet after I have tried out the seafood porridge at Guo Xiang Fu, I have started to fall in love with it! The seafood porridge of "煲粥婆" is more concentrated and no MSG is added. The taste of the porridge is depended on the type of seafood chosen. Our porridge that day was a mixture of prawns and crabs, so the taste was sweet. Despite my allergic towards seafood, yet I have had three bowls of seafood porridge that day as the taste was just irresistible!


The seafood in our porridge were 600 grams of prawns and two crabs. There were 6 of us that day and this was just about the portion for the 6 of us.

Following are the prices of the ingredients
Fresh Prawn - RM10 / 100 gram
Crab - RM12 / 100 gram
Crab - RM12 / 100 gram
Grouper - RM12 / 100 gram
Haruan - RM8 / 100 gram
Eel - RM8 / 100 gram
Frog - RM15 / 100 gram
Chicken - RM30 / Half
Chicken - RM55 / Whole
Squab - RM18 / Whole
Pork Ribs - RM8 / 100 gram
Porridge - RM15 / 份 Serving

Note : You get the porridge for free if you spend RM50 and above for the ingredients


Summer told us that it is better to order two crabs at one time, one male and one female. The male crab is bigger at size so it will provide more meat. For the female crab, though it is smaller in size, but her eggs will make the porridge even tastier.


As the saying goes, don't judge a book by it's cover, and so does food too! Though the appearance of the foods at "煲粥婆" were not much attractive, yet the taste was definitely the real thing!

Business Hour
12 PM - 2 PM
6 PM - 12 AM
Opened Daily

51-G, Kampung Malabah, Georgetown 10100 Penang.
(Beside Hon Kei Food Corner)

04 - 262 6799
013 - 536 8999
Do call to pre-order if you want to eat the claypot porridge, otherwise you will have to wait for 35 minutes

This post was originally written on 27th July 2014

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