Wednesday, 26 June 2013



Well, the fact is I have actually collected all the 101 lost kittens, but not until today I realised it. Actually the colourful string cat model is one of the member of the 101 lost kittens too. There are a total of six of them which appear in three different places. There was one at the opposite side of the Singapore House, two at the side of CF food court, and three and the big yellow cat mural there. Adding this six cat models to the 95 cats from the mural painting, it makes a perfect 101 cats for my collection. Now, the only one left is the mama cat which will only appear on 29 June. Too bad that I cant witness it's appearance on that day as I was not around Penang. Haiz~


  1. 好像还有一只线条猫在shade me if you love me

    1. 真的耶,我竟然会看走眼。。哈哈。。谢谢你告诉我哦,我等下过去看看。但是如果是这样子的话不就是变成102只猫了吗?多出一只了呢~

    2. 我看到那只线条猫了~ 真的不敢相信我那时会看漏眼!应该不会再有我看漏眼的猫了吧?哈哈。。


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