Tuesday, 25 June 2013



Recently, I have been looking for the cat mural paintings all over the Georgetown and I am aware of the lesson that the mural painting trying to convey. Other than to increase the tourist attraction site in Georgetown, the mural painting also serve as a material to increase the awareness of public towards the stray animals. Despite knowing all this, yet, whenever I was searching and taking a photo of the cat mural, there isn't a thing regard the stray animals that came across my mind. All I wanted is just to hunt down and collect the mural photos. But not until today, when I finished taking the photos of the murals and happily went back to my office, I met with this poor kitten. It's body was all wet and it was lying on the road without moving a bit. My first thought was that it was dead. When I pass through the kitten, it moans and that keep me from taking another step forward. I walked towards the kitten and it tried to stand up. Trying all the best it can, finally it was able to stand but still, it feels like it is going to fall down at any moment. It tried to walk slowly, with the aid of the car besides it by laying it's body towards the car. Have been seeing this scene, my heart was in pain, feels like want to cry inside. I feel guilty for not helping the kitten. I am really sorry. All I do was just snapping few photos of the kitten and hope that this few photos can attract the attention of others and let the others know that there are still tons of poor stray animals that suffer the same pain as this kitten does. Hopefully there will be more people helping the stray animals to ease their pain and release them from suffering. Thank you.

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