Monday, 1 July 2013


芙蓉之旅的第一天午餐 - 香港面家的云吞面。这间面家是我的芙蓉朋友介绍的。果然,当地人就是不会介绍错地方的。这家面家的云吞面只能用“好吃”二字来形容,而且也有很多选择,价钱又很公道,十零吉之内就能吃得饱饱了。

Lunch for the first day of Seremban Trip - Wantan noodle at Shiang Kang coffee shop. This coffee shop is introduced by a local friend of mine. Without a doubt, the deliciousness of it's noodle is guaranteed.  Besides, this coffee shop also offers lots of different choices of noodles and it's price is of normal rate. You can get yourself full with just no more than RM10. When I walked into this coffee shop, I was attracted by the photographs with the nature theme that are attached to the side wall. Those are the photographs taken by Mr. Choo and each of them is of professional level. When I was inside the coffee shop, I can feel like as if I was surrounded by the mother nature. When we finished our meal, the shop owner treat us with his handmade pickles. This is really a nice shop to dine in. If you happen to visit Seremban, don't forget to try out the Wantan noodle of this coffee shop.

Location of Shaing Kang Coffee Shop : 169, Jalan Tuanku Munawir, 70000, Seremban, Negeri Sembilan
Contact Number : 06-764 2276

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