Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Sunway Lagoon

芙蓉之旅第二天,我们决定将这天献给Sunway Lagoon。我们从芙蓉乘搭KTM到KL Central(RM6),过后再从KL Central乘搭KTM到Subang Jaya(RM1.60),最后再搭巴士到Sunway Lagoon(RM1)。
我们大约下午2点左右到达目的地,在里面玩了4小时。其中能令我印象比较深刻的是360度旋转的海盗船和世界最大型的滑水道Vuvuzela。在玩耍的当儿,发生了一件难忘的事件。就是我们的包包不见了!由于时间有限,所以我们还是选择先玩了再打算。幸好的是,最后我们在入口处找回了我们的包包,还多了一张Lost and Found的单据作为纪念。之后,我们到Sunway Pyramid的美食广场想用晚餐然后就返回芙蓉了。

The second day of Seremban trip, we have decided to spend our day at Sunway Lagoon. We went to KL Central from Seremban by taking KTM (RM6), and then taking another KTM from KL Central to Subang Jaya (RM1.20). Lastly, we take a mini bus from Subang Jaya to Sunway Lagoon (RM1). We reached Sunway Lagoon at around 2pm and we spent 4 hours at there. In my own opinion, I will recommend the 360 degree rotating pirate ship and the world's largest ride, Vuvuzela to be the must-try-game in the park. An incident happened when we were having fun. Our bags is lost! Due to the time constrain, we decided to continue to have fun and bother about our bags later. Luckily, we were able to find our bags at the entrance with an extra Lost and Found receipt as a souvenir. After that, we were having our dinner at Sunway Pyramid food court before we went back to Seremban.

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