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Time pass and we grow old. Yet, in the process of getting old, how many of us has carve in some wonderful childhood in our memory? If you know what are these three kids playing of, then you must have an awesome childhood.

这两个小男孩其实是和那三个小孩是同一个壁画,由于太长了所以我就把他们分开拍了。这幅壁画是在Lebuh Acheh那里的。比较明显的标记是Flash Back Cafe(41号),在它旁边找一个43A号的小巷,然后你就会看到这幅壁画在入口处的墙上了。

I bet that you must have known what are the 3 kids above playing after seeing these two little boys. Yup, they are role playing the lion dance performance. Have you ever played this game before? Well, it is a no for me, it feels like something is missing in my childhood memory. Nowadays, our society has a very sick phenomenon occurring which I personally think that it is very sad. In this high-tech era, smart phone has become an important gadget in our life. There are good and bad in this issue. The bad thing is that even children nowadays are playing smart phone or smart pad. When they grow up, the only thing that is being left in their childhood memory is the sole virtual world inside the screen.
This two little boys mural is actually the same mural with the three little kids. Due to the it's long width, I have to separate them in two photos. This mural is located at Acheh Street. The significance landmark will the the Flash Back Cafe (no. 41). Beside Flash Back Cafe, search for one alley with no. 43A and the mural painting is on the wall of that alley.

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