Thursday, 15 August 2013


Sometimes I still dream... Get a life!!!

今天工作时经过Lorong Stewart,遇到了这幅壁画。黑色的乌鸦高飞在上而蓝白的鸟儿则地上闲。这幅壁画似乎很有意思,想必画家是想要传达些什么讯息吧。

Today I have met with this mural during my work when I was passing through Stewart Lane. The black crow is flying high while the blue bird is standing on the ground. The artist of this mural seems to be trying to convey some kind of message through this artwork.


Above the bird is written 'Sometimes I still dream'.

而在乌鸦的下方则写着“Get a life”。

And below the crow is written 'Get a life'.


For me, what the artist trying to convey is that we should not find the easy ways or short cut in order to achieving something but to slowly proceed with a step by step manner. The coloured bird represent the perfect world it is imagining while the black crow is trying to lesson the bird not to live in it's fantasy world but to face the real world and get a life.

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