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注:特味美食档已搬迁至Sunshine Lip Sin左边的《奇香云吞面》。
Note : The tomyam stall has move to the "G-Xiang Wantan Noodle" at the left of Sunshine Lip Sin.

Tom Yam Maggie


A cold weather is best serve with a hot tom yam noodle. A very lucky man I am, just below my house there is a delicious tom yam noodle stall. One bowl of tom yam costs RM5. If want to add more ingredients, then you will have to pay extra. Just a friendly advice, this tom yam noodle is quite spicy, if you cant stand the spiciness, I suggest you order a clear soup one.


Besides selling noodle, this tom yam stall also offers kuey teow and mihun. For the meat, you can choose fish, chicken or pork. I prefer the tom yam noodle with fish meat as the fish is quite crispy. About 6pm, this tom yam stall will starts it's business. This tom yam stall is located at the roadside that is beside the car park which is opposite the Super Tanker hawker center, while Super Tanker is located in Lip Sin Garden.

在特味面食档的隔壁有一档卖豆水的啰里。等待东炎面面的当儿,豆水的老板会走向你的桌子,这时你可以向老板点你想要喝的饮料。我每次都是点“Michael Jackson”的,也就是豆水加凉粉。Michael Jackson一杯是RM1.10而凉粉和豆水则一杯RM1。此外,你也可以点豆花哦。

Beside tom yam stall there is a lorry that sells soy bean. While waiting for your tom yam noodle, the soy bean hawker will go to your table and take your order. Usually I will order 'Michael Jackson', which is the mixture of the soy bean and the jelly. Michael Jackson costs RM1.10 while the soy bean and the jelly are both RM1.


This is the lorry that sells soy bean. To the right this lorry is a stall which is under a big tree that is selling rice. There are a wide variety of rice to choose from. I will introduce to you all the next time I go there for dinner.


  1. 哈哈~这档面食档对于向日葵来说真的是辣死人不偿命~

    1. 同感同感~而且每次吃了第二天一定往厕所跑,今天也是。。哈哈。。


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