Thursday, 22 August 2013


Minion again!


Few hours ago, minions have invaded Georgetown again. Soon enough, I can see that my lovely Georgetown will be flooded with the minions army.  If you want to take photos of these minions, they are at the opposite of the 'Sibling on the swing' mural.

这三位就是这些小黄人的画家。从年龄上来判断,他们应该就是最近时常受邀来画壁画的大学生。想必这次也是SBS Paper Products Sdn. Bhd.邀请他们来画小黄人的。

These three fellow here are the artists that draw the minions. Judging from their age, they are probably the university students that were hired to draw murals recently. This time should be no exception as well. It is most likely the SBS Paper Products Sdn. Bhd. has hired them to draw these minions.


What do you guys think regarding the increasing number of mural paintings in Georgetown? If it is not too troublesome, I hope that you can drop your opinion in the comment box below. Thanks!


  1. 孩子都很喜欢minions。我拍了几副。

    1. 哈哈。。是啊,尤其是槟城人有一度还真的是为了Minion而疯狂!


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