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【Penang Gourmet】Kim Laksa + Dou Fu Hua | Balik Pulau

Balik Pulau Kim Laksa
Balik Pulau Siam Laksa

In Balik Pulau, whenever you ask the local about their food, you will probably get these two answers, durian and laksa. Durian is a seasonal fruit while you can taste the delicious laksa almost all the time.

Few days ago, me and my senior went to Balik Pulau again to taste the laksa that we have missed during our last visit. The picture above is the Siam Laksa (Thai Laksa) which differentiate it with the Asam Laksa (Penang Laksa) by the taste. Siam laksa has a sweet taste while asam laksa is sour. The Siam laksa taste sweet because of the coconut flavor inside it.

Balik Pulau Kim Laksa

Drive from Lebuh Bukit Jambul to Jalan Paya Terubong, then turn right and drive straight. Then, you will come to a T-junction. Turn left and then follow the mountain road until you reach Balik Pulau. When you reach Balik Pulau, continue driving forward, you will see SJK (C) Chong Teik on your left. Then, you will come to a T-junction with the colourful building on your left. The laksa stall is just straight in front of you now.

Balik Pulau Kim Laksa

The laksa stall is in front of this Chinese kopitiam.

Balik Pulau Kim Laksa

This laksa stall has the name of Kim Laksa. It business hours is from 11am to 5pm. However, they will close the stall earlier if the laksa is sold out before 5pm. It is close on Wednesday. Besides offering Asam laksa and Siam laksa, they also offer the mix laksa which mix up the Asam and Siam laksa. After we have finished our Siam laksa then only we notice that the laksa can actually be mix up, next time gonna go try again! The small laksa is RM3.50 and the big one is RM4.

Balik Pulau Kim Laksa

The laksas are being put on the stall earlier, just have to pour in the soup then it can be served. So, even when there are a lot of customers ordering laksa, we don't have to wait for long.

Balik Pulau Kim Laksa

There is another laksa stall opposite Kim Laksa. It is called Laksa Balik Pulau and it's history is longer than that of the Kim Laksa. The business hours of Laksa Balik Pulau is from 11am to 4pm and rest on Wednesday. Same as Kim Laksa, the small laksa is RM3.50 while the big one is RM4. Compare to Kim Laksa, Laksa Balik Pulau has less customer. This may due to the location issue as Laksa Balik Pulau is not obvious enough. However, the taste of Laksa Balik Pulau is guaranteed.

Balik Pulau Kim Laksa

After finish eating laksa, we went to the stall beside Kim Laksa, which is in front of the Balik Pulau old market to taste the delicious dou fu hua. This dou fu hua seller has been selling dou fu hua for 20 years, yet he still looks very young. One bowl of dou fu hua is RM1 and we both get ourselves one bowl.

Balik Pulau Kim Laksa

The hawker is preparing our dou fu hua.

Balik Pulau Kim Laksa

The soft dou fu hua added with the sweet brown sugar, it is really a perfect combination! Every time go to Balik Pulau I am sure to visit this dou fu hua stall.

Balik Pulau Kim Laksa

Besides dou fu hua, they also sell soy bean and jelly.

To know more details about Kim Laksa, you can contact 012 - 428 6235

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This post was originally written on 23rd July 2013

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