Wednesday, 23 October 2013

壁画:Chip & Dale

Chip & Dale mural

你的童年是否曾经有两只松鼠陪伴着你度过呢?如果是的话,相信你一定还记得这两只Chip and Dale吧?(虽然是画得很不像啦。。哈哈。。)
今天,从朋友口中得知乔治市又多了这幅Chip and Dale壁画,所以就跑去看个究竟。依照这幅壁画的画工作出判断的话,相信是和老夫子壁画同一个画家。

Do you still remember them? Are they use to be your childhood companion? If yes, then this is the Chip and Dale for you (I have to admit that the drawing is bad though).
Today, I have heard from my friend regard this new mural painting in Georgetown. It is the Chip and Dale. The drawing pattern of this mural is about the same as the Master Q mural, so I believe that these two murals are drawn by the same person.

大约两个多月前,我曾经写过关于这幅老夫子壁画的文章。那幅Chip and Dale壁画其实就在老夫子壁画的右边罢了。想知道老夫子壁画的地点,可以参阅我的老夫子壁画文章哦。

Two months ago, I have wrote a post about this Master Q mural. The Chip and Dale mural is actually located to the right of this Master Q mural. You can get the mural location at 老夫子壁画.


If you have ever seen the Master Q mural before, you will notice that these two kids were actually added afterwards.

虽然Chip and Dale壁画画得不是很像,但是我还是想称赞下画家。画家曾经和我说过,他怕画得不好,所以不敢把画画在太明显的地方。他个人只是纯粹喜欢画画所以才把画画在家前。即使画得不怎样,他还是把画完成了。个人觉得这是需要勇气的,所以我很敬佩他!

Though the Chip and Dale mural was bad, but I have to compliment the artist anyway. The artist ever said to me that he worried that his drawing will be bad so he decided not to draw on wall easily seen by public. He is merely a person who like to draw and so he drawn on the wall in front of his house. Even though he is not talented in drawing, but he had completed the mural in the end. This, for me I think require certain amount of courage to do so. Therefore, I really respect his bravery!

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