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About a year ago, a friend has invited me to shoot sunrise at Clan Jetty. That moment, I had rejected his invitation with the excuse that I do not have my own transport, so it will be inconvenience for me. Sometimes, what limit a person's action may not be the obstacles but one's heart. Today, I can say it out loud that : 'My heart and resolution has led to where I should be a year ago. Problem is not a problem anymore!'

In this very last day of the year 2013, I woke up early in the morning at 4.40AM (I have only slept for 2 hours). After everything was set, I went to bus stop to wait for the bus. Half an hour of waiting, finally I get on the bus. Alone, walking in Georgetown, searching for a perfect location for shooting sunrise. At last, I have chosen Tan Clan Jetty.


After setting up my camera on the tripod, all I have to do next is to wait for the sunrise. Unfortunately, the sky today is pretty cloudy and so I din get the chance to see the moment the sun rise from the sea level. The above photo is taken at 7.15AM. Does the empty space at the middle look like a heart shape to you?


A close up view of the sun.


When it was almost 8AM, the sky was still cloudy. After 8AM, the sun wont be as beautiful anymore. And so, this is the last photo to conclude my sunrise shooting for the last day of the year 2013. Too bad that I wasn't able to shoot any nice sunrise photos. T_T


However, thinking on the bright side, I do met with some new friends. These four youngsters are all Penangite. They were here to shoot the sunrise as well. I took a group photo with them before I left Tan Clan Jetty.


In this very last day of 2013, I have complete one of the two things that I wish to do in this year. Another thing is to face to face confess my love to a girl I like, which I have failed to do so.


  1. 照片拍到很美!<2013年最後的黎明>,我很喜歡那一張相片的顏色。 :D

    1. 谢谢你!不过真的很遗憾没能拍到日出。。。 :(
      新年快乐!!! =]


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