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Soon, it is Chinese New Year again. During this important celebration, a good-looking gift has become a must for most people. For this, Gartien has designed an elegant gift box with the theme of 'Mudan Flower' for their pineapple tart. There are two main colours of this gift box, red as the base colour and gold as the 'Mudan Flower' drawing.


There are 10 little packs of pineapple tart in one gift box. If you pre-order from now until 31th December, each box will costs RM38, you will also get an extra one box for every 10 boxes you pre-order. However, ordering after 31th December or walk in purchase will costs you RM45 per box. Customers may pick up the pineapple tart starting from 30th December until 26th January. Since this 'Mudan Flower' theme gift box is a limited edition product, there are only 1000 sets available. During the pick up period, each week will be limited to 250 gift box or until sold out. So, hurry up and order now.


The packing of pineapple tart is designed with a chinese ink painting of 'Mudan Flower'. It is so beautiful!


So, what so special about this pineapple tart? First, it's skin is crispy and the butter smell is really nice. Next, it's pineapple filling is fully filled inside the tart. Lastly, the size of the pineapple tart is bigger compare to the regular pineapple tart. Just one Gartien pineapple tart should be satisfying enough.


Following are some details regarding Gartien:

Address : 380 Jalan Penang 10000 Pulau Pinang Malaysia
Contact Number : +604 229 0068 / +6017 229 3299
Business Hour : Mon - Fri, 10AM - 5PM | Sat - Sun, 9AM - 6PM


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