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Winter Solstice is indeed a meaningful and warm day in Chinese cultural. When I was small, I used to hear that we grow an age older once we have eaten Tang Yuan. However, as I grow up, I am starting to hear many different stories about winter solstice. It is said that different colours and different sizes of the Tang Yuan represent different ages and some even said that you have to eat the amount of Tang Yuan according to your age. It seems like there are many different saying about winter solstice and I actually find it pretty fun to hear all the different stories..haha..


Today, I have went to Georgetown to buy four bowls of Tang Yuan. 3 bowls are for my friends and one is for myself. This is my first time buying Tang Yuan and I found out that it is actually not cheap. A small one already costs RM3.70 and a big one costs RM5. If you request for the plastic container, you will have to pay an extra RM0.50 for each container. Four bowls of Tang Yuan has cost me RM16.80, but then it is worth as I am giving it to the people who are important to me.

这些汤圆是在一摊蛮出名的《和福甜汤圆》那里购买的。而这间《和福甜汤圆》呢则是美凤茶室里的其中一个小摊。美凤茶室位于Jalan Magazine,在1st Avenue的对面。《和福甜汤圆》的营业时间是从晚上七点至晚上十一点,星期三和星期日休息。不过,由于明天就是冬至了,所以小贩们早上十一点就开始营业了。

These Tang Yuan were bought from a quite famous hawker stall, Tang Yen. Tang Yen is one of the hawker stalls in Bee Hong Cafe and this Bee Hong Cafe is located at Magazine Road, just the opposite of 1st Avenue. The business hour of Tang Yen is from 7PM to 11PM, rest on Wednesday and Sunday. However, since tomorrow is winter solstice, they have started their business at 11AM today.


From afar, I can see that many people were standing in front of the hawker stall. They were all waiting for their turn to buy Tang Yuan.


This is the Tang Yen hawker stall.


If you do not wish to queue, you can buy the Tang Yuan's ingredients beside the stall and make it at home.


These hawkers made the Tang Yuan at a very fast speed. They can make 10 Tang Yuan with the time I make one. Although they are fast, yet I still have to wait for half an hour as there were many customers.


Although it is a small and insignificant stall, yet they have their own blog and Facebook page.


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    1. 嗯,你也是,冬至快乐!!! :)

  2. 槟城和福甜汤圆祝大家冬至快乐-

  3. 槟城和福甜汤圆祝大家冬至快乐-


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