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步行记:任务失败 Mission Failed


走了十四公里,耗了四小时十五分种的步行,最后还是以失败告终了。这趟以Gertak Sanggul为终点的步行记始终无法如愿以偿,最后一站只走到了Pantai Tanjung Asam,距离目的地就只差那么的一点,唉(失望)~

Spending 4 hours 15 minutes and walked a distance of 14km, still, the mission failed. Marked Gertak Sanggul, the most south west part of Penang as the destination, but sadly, I was only able to reach Pantai Tanjung Asam, which is just so near to Gertak Sanggul. Haiz (disappointing)~

这次会选择步行到Gertak Sanggul是因为一个学妹介绍的。我上网查询了一番,发现那是个风景很美的地方,而且有渔村(我很喜欢渔村的)!我其实并不熟悉那一带,在谷歌地图看了大概路线,然后就出发了。我下午三点从家里(立信花园)出发,选择的路线是走Bayan Lepas那一带。根据谷歌地图,首先我必须先来到这个槟城最大的交通圈,然后沿着有高架公路的那条路一直走下去。

This Gertak Sanggul was actually introduced to me by a junior of mine. I have searched online about this place and I saw the view at there is quite nice. Most importantly, it has a fishing village at there (I love fishing village)! Actually, I was not familiar with that area so I searched online for the route walking from my house. I departed from my house at 3pm and I have chose the Bayan Lepas route. According to Google Map, I have to come to this largest roundabout in Penang first and then I have to take the road with the flyover.

一路沿着Bayan Lepas这条路的路旁都有行人道,所以是很安全的。唯一比较辛苦的是要被那炎热的太阳无时无刻的晒着。

Along the road there is a walking path for the pedestrian, so it was quite safe to walk at there. The only suffering thing was that I have to endure the hotness from the blazing sun.


After passing the flyover, the following road was occupied by big factories at both side and there has nothing special along the road.


Walking along the factories area, soon I saw this snake temple (this is the first time I have seen it) at the opposite when I reached Bosch factory. I wanted to visit it but the cars on the road were driving on a high speed and it is hard for me to find a safe gap between the cars. So, I continued my journey without visiting the snake temple. I used more than half an hour to reach this place and I was starting to feel dizzy. I think it was because of that I didn't eat my breakfast.


After passing the snake temple, it was still the factories area. I continued to walk with my heavy head and finally I leaved the factories area and came to a residence area. After walking a short distance at the residence area, I saw this Malay food stall and without the second thought, I went into the dining area and ordered my meal.

我点了一碗叻沙(RM3)和一碗煎蕊(RM2)。马来人的叻沙和华人的叻沙在味道上有很大的差别,华人是酸酸的,而马来人的则比较淡而且也没有酸味。吃饱后,我问了那里的小贩这里是不是Teluk Kumbar?他告诉我说这里还是Bayan Lepas,Teluk Kumbar还要再上。天哪,走了一小时半依然还是在Bayan Lepas。

I ordered one laksa (RM3) and a cendol (RM2). The Malay laksa and the Chinese laksa has a very big difference in taste. The Chinese laksa is sour in taste while the Malay laksa is not sour at all and with egg. After finished my brunch, I asked the hawker whether this is Teluk Kumbar already? He told me that this place was still Bayan Lepas, Teluk Kumbar still have a long way to go. Gosh, after one and a half hour of walking and I am still in Bayan Lepas!


After filling my stomach, I wasn't feeling dizzy anymore for the rest of my journey. I passed through this S.R.J.K (C) Chung Shan and it reminds me of my primary school, which is SJK (C) Chung San.

过后我来到了这里,那两个路牌把我弄得混乱了。看谷歌地图时只是有一条路的,现在却遇到分叉了。照理说应该是不会选择机场和乔治市那条路的,应该是要选Teluk Kumbar的,可是在地图上看到的Gertak Sanggul好像又是和Teluk Kumbar是反方向的。我在这里挣扎了许久,最后还是凭直觉选择了前往机场和乔治市的道路。

Soon after, I reached here with the two big signboards attached on the middle of the road. These two signboards were really making me confused as I don't know which road to choose. On Google Map, it was supposed to be a straight road until Gertak Sanggul but now the road has split into two. Supposedly, I will not choose the road to Georgetown but will choose the road to Teluk Kumbar, but again, I remembered I saw that Gertak Sanggul was at the opposite side of Teluk Kumbar. I struggled quite some times at there and finally I decided to trust my sixth sense and I choose the road leading to airport and Georgetown.


This is the view one will see after getting out form the airport. Welcome to Penang, Pearl of the Orient!


Eventually, I came to a village. I saw the smallest petrol station ever in that village and it has only three add oil stations. I kinda feel like it was quite cute~ haha~

在这个村子里我又遇到分叉路口了,更惨的是这次没有路牌可以看!最后我还是凭我的直觉笔直前进。我在村子里看见一个警察局,警察局门前写着Balai Polis Bayan Lepas,原来我还是在Bayan Lepas里面。这Bayan Lepas到底有多大啊?!

I saw another junction in the village, and this time there is no signboard at all. Same, I followed my instinct to walk straight. I saw a police station in the village too. At the front of the police station was written Balai Police Bayan Lepas, it seems like I was still within Bayan Lepas after a long walk. Just how big is this Bayan Lepas anyway?!

就这样一直往前走,后来我发现我不知不觉就来到了Teluk Kumbar。感觉上好像有点不对劲了,心想我会不会就一直这样走到了Balik Pulau?我也不去理会那么多了,相信只要一直走下去就对了。走了有一段距离后,我终于看见Gertak Sanggul的路牌了!这时我真的很兴奋,整个人好像是重生了一样。接着我到处去问路了,可是大家都只告诉我Gertak Sanggul还有很远,都劝我还是搭巴士比较好。不过,我还是坚持要走路,如果搭了巴士的话之前走过的路就没有意义了。

Soon, I came to Teluk Kumbar without knowing it. I started to feel like I was taking the wrong path. I was thinking will I reached Balik Pulau if I continued walking? Well, I was not going to think anymore, I believed that if I continued to walk and I eventually will reached my destination. After walking for quite some distance, finally I saw the Gertak Sanggul signboard! Oh man, I was really excited at that moment, I just feel like refreshing! I went to asked the people at there for the exact way to go to Gertak Sanggul but everyone just told me that Gertak Sanggul still have a long way to go, it is better if I take bus. However, if I take bus, then all my walking effort would be meaningless. So, I decided to continue walked with my own legs.

又走了不久后,我看见我的左边有一片沙滩。原本以为这里就是Gertak Sanggul了,问了当地的渔夫后才知道原来这里还是Teluk Kumbar。那个渔夫还告诉我说Gertak Sanggul离这里还有六公里,同样的也是劝我搭巴士。

Walking for another some distance, I saw a beach on my left. At first I think that this might be the Gertak Sanggul I was looking for, but after asking the fisherman at there, the fisherman told me that this was the Teluk Kumbar beach, Gertak Saggul still have another 6km to go. Same as others, the fisherman advise me to take bus.

既然来到了Teluk Kumbar海边,我也在那里逗留了一下,也给自己一些空间休息。我发现那里的海水是黑色的,海岸上的沙滩也全是黑的,都可以当成镜子用了。

Since I have came to the beach, so I decided to spend some time at there and rest for a while. I noticed that the sea and the sand near the seaside was black in colour, I can see my reflection on the sea.


Along the beach was the houses of the fisherman.

这条海上石灰桥是Teluk Kumbar海边的明显特色之一,它真的是很长!

There is a very long cement bridge on the sea, I believed that this is a special  feature that distinguished it from the other beach.


This bridge was really long. As I walked further along the bridge, I started to feel scared. I was worried that what if someone pushed me into the sea or I accidentally fall into the sea? Then it will be the end of my story.


The view taken at the end of the bridge.


After the rest, I walked into the small village beside the bridge and walked along the village.


When I exited the village, I saw this road sign. It was somehow funny to me..haha..

接下来我来到了Jalan Gertak Sanggul。按谷歌地图,只要沿着这条路一直走就能到Gertak Sanggul了!

And then I came to this Jalan Gertak Sanggul. According to the Google Map, the end of this road is where Gertak Sanggul is.


When I walked on this road, it reminds me of the hill road I walked to Balik Pulau last time. I reached this road at 7pm and the sky started to turn dark pretty fast and at the same time the stress in my mind increases rapidly as well. I keep on telling myself that I have walked so far and I will walk to the very end.

走了大概十分钟后,我看见一个牌子写着还有二十米就到海边了。这时心里有点开心,觉得这个海边一定就是Gertak Sanggul了!过后,我看见了一排的MPPP椅子,然后一口就咬定海边就在不远处了!(我在这里拍照的时候被蚂蚁咬了)

After walking for another 10 minutes, I saw a signboard written that the beach is 20 meters far. I was feeling happy when I saw this signboard as I feel that the beach must be the Gertak Sanggul Beach. Walking further a bit, I saw a row of MPPP chairs and the beach must be not far away! (when I took photo at there, both my legs werre bitten by ants)


I saw the stairs beside the MPPP chairs. From here I can see that the chairs is connected to the beach.


One of the stair's exits.


When I reached here it was already 7.15pm, I have spent a total of 4 hours and 15 minutes of walking time to reach here.

我看见有人在海边戏水,也有人在附近露营。这海边值得一提的是,它的海水非常的清澈,海浪冲上海岸时可以很清楚的看见水里的沙滩,和Teluk Kumbar的海边简直就是天壤之别!

I saw there were people playing at the seaside and there were people camping nearby as well. One thing I must mention about this beach is that it's sea water is so clear that you can clearly see the sand under the water. It is totally the opposite of the Teluk Kumbar beach.


I like the stones on this beach. It will be perfect if a beautiful character was added in this photo.

在那里花了大概二十分钟走走拍摄。最后,为了确认这里是否真的是Gertak Sanggul,于是我便问了那里卖水的小贩。听到小贩的回答时,除了失望,没有别的感觉了。小贩告诉我这个海边是Tanjung Asam,Gertak Sanggul还要再上一些。当时已经快要八点了,小贩也告诉我说他担心太夜了我没巴士搭回家,所以我最后还是以自身安全为主,打消继续前进的念头,打道回府。原本应该在漆黑山路上害怕的我,此刻心里只有失望,辛苦走了那么远最后还是到达不了。我安慰自己说:“没关系,这次到不了就表示还有下次!”。所以我一定还会再去一次的!

I spent about 20 minutes taking photos at there. Lastly, to confirm that this was really the Gertak Sanggul I was looking for, I went to asked the hawker at there. When I heard the hawker's answer, all I can feel was disappointed and nothing more. The hawker told me that this was the Tanjung Asam beach, Gertak Saggul still have a little distance from here. At that time it was already about 8pm, the hawker told me that he worried that I cant catch any bus to go home if I continue my walked. At last, considering my safety, I gave up my thought of going any further and going back home. I told myself it was okay as this would mean that I will go to this beautiful place for the second time. And yes, I will definitely go for a second time!


  1. 还有第二次的啦,不要灰心!!! =]

    1. 嗯!肯定还会有第二次的,而且下次我不会再失败了!=]

  2. 你真的很有毅力哩,可以知道是什么让你会有这样的举动吗?

    1. 谢谢你,比比!

  3. 天啊,你还真的走去了!太强了!gertak sangguk 是全槟岛最南部的村落。说真的,那里有些变化了。如果你真的还想去,会比较建议你骑脚车,before 进去gertak sangguk, 还有一段山路,很窄的。走路进去会比较危险。

    1. 谢谢你的建议哦,不过我还是要坚持走路,要完成我未能完成的步行记。 =]
      我下次会找点出门的,会多加小心,谢谢关心哟~ XD

  4. 已经很不错了啊!下次再加油!记得早点出门!😃

    1. 谢谢你!下次会早点出门的~ =]

  5. 走了那么久,真的好佩服你!

    1. 但是最后我还是达到不了~ T_T


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