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艺术展:"Think About It" Art Exhibition

Think About It Art Exhibition

续恩纳斯的《艺术是垃圾,垃圾是艺术》个人展览,Hin Bus Depot很快的又举办了第二个艺术画展。这次的画展名为《Think About It》,是个结合了多位艺术家作品的展览。

其实《Think About It》展览早在三月七日已经开始,但是在面书上却没有看见什么风吹草动,所以一直也没有去参观了。直到前天,偶然经过Hin Bus Depot所以就进去看一看。当时整个展览里只有我一个人,非常的冷清,并没有像恩纳斯个人画展的时候那么热闹。心想应该是展览已经接近尾声所以就没什么人来参观了。

After the solo exhibition, 'Art is Rubbish is Art' by Ernest has ended, Hin Bus Depot has organised a second art exhibition soon. The name of this exhibition is 'Think About It' and it has exhibited the artworks of several artists, local and overseas.

'Think About It' art exhibition has been started since 7th March but I didn't seen anyone posted anything of it on Facebook. Until a couple of days ago, I passed through Hin Bus Depot by chance and so I went in to pay a visit to these artworks. At that time there was only me alone and no other visitors. I was thinking that maybe it was because of the exhibition is going to end soon so there were no people coming anymore.

至于这次的画展为什么会名为《Think About It》这点我到现在还是没想通,无法接收到艺术家们想要带出的讯息。

Until now I am still thinking that why was the exhibition name is 'Think About It'? Does the artists trying to tell us something via their artworks?


Following are some of the artworks by different artists.

Tan Kai Sheuan -

Lovely Mode

Life is not always easy, but

Gabriel Marques -

From Golden Dream

To Golden Cage

Renny Cheng SIng Ching

The Pledge

Messenger From The Sky

Infinity No.24

Infinity No.48


Thomas Powell -


Winds of Chance

除了以上这些艺术家之外,还有的是Low Chee Peng (, Kangblabla (和Bibichun (。

Besides the artists mentioning above, other artists with their unique artworks in this exhibition are Low Chee Peng (, Kangblabla ( and Bibichun (


Before I leaved, I met with these two legos once again, but the poor thief was being locked up in jail.

开放时间 Opening Hour
12pm - 7pm
The exhibition will last until the end of March


  1. 跟恩纳斯的比起来,真的是不同的层次,难怪没什么人。

    1. 艺术这东东不是每个人都能看得懂的,而我觉得恩纳斯的作品很接近民间生活,能达到一个和群众的无形交流。Think About It的作品也相当不错的,不过却很艺术,风格不同,很少人又那种会欣赏的眼光。 XD

  2. 最后一张那个最赞的!!! =]

  3. 上次准时十二时到那儿,结果门都还没开。原来月底就结束了,这个周末要赶快去了!谢谢告知!;)

    1. 那里的负责人是和我说月底结束啦,不过具体的日期就不知道了。负责人还和我说他们现在每两个月都会有新的展览,在五月份的时候还会有另外一场哦~


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