Tuesday, 22 July 2014

好推荐:Mamee Double-Decker's PERFECTÒ

Mamee Double-Decker's PERFECTÒ
PERFECTÒ - Freshly garnished on every crisp

Mamee Double-Decker又有新产品啦!这次推出的是PERFECTÒ马铃薯片,售价RM3.99。PERFECTÒ薯片共有三种口味可以选择,分别是酸奶香葱辣椒香料,以及天然海盐。个人比较重口味,所以比较喜欢辣椒香料口味的。

Mamee Double-Decker has recently launched a new product, PERFECTÒ potato chips. PERFECTÒ is selling at a price of RM3.99 and it comes with three flavours, Sour Cream & Chives, Chilli & Spice Infusion and Natural Sea Salt. Personally prefer the chilli & spice infusion flavour, followed by sour cream & chives flavour and natural sea salt flavour.

Mamee Double-Decker's PERFECTÒ
“PERFECTÒ is the result of our deep-understanding about our consumers’ needs and how we can fulfill them. We will always strive to provide a memorable brand experience and to continuously lead the product category”
-Tan Sri Pang Tee Chew, Chief Executive Officer of Mamee-Double Decker-

Mamee Double-Decker's PERFECTÒ


Warm Reminder : Do drink a lot of water after eating the chips if you don't want to gain excessive heat in your body.

欲获知更多关于PERFECTÒ的质询可以浏览Perfecto Snacks面书专页哦。

For more information about PERFECTÒ, kindly visit their Facebook fan page, Perfecto Snacks.


  1. 我也是喜欢辣椒香料~好好吃~

    1. 看来多数人都比较喜欢辣椒香料的。。哈哈~

  2. 没尝过。不知会有促销价吗?

  3. 看来考试期间我又可以加多一位“精神粮食"了哈哈

    1. 考试加油!不要吃太多哦,很容易热气上身的! XD


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