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【Penang Breakfast】Big Ben Breakfast Is In The Town | Bishop Street

George Town Big Ben Breakfast
Big Ben Breakfast @ Lebuh Bishop

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While it was a public holiday yesterday, me and my friends have met up for a breakfast. We went to Big Ben Breakfast in George Town for the gathering. Big Ben Breakfast has been opened for business for almost a year and it was actually the same with the Big Ben Breakfast that is near botanical garden. The fact is, Big Ben Breakfast near botanical garden is actually quite far from the town so it is a bit inconvenience for many. To cop with this, they have opened another restaurant at Bishop Street and both these Big Ben Breakfast are serving the same foods.

George Town Big Ben Breakfast

Big Ben Breakfast restaurant is not much different from the normal restaurant. The interior design is simple and normal. When we arrived (around 9 AM), there was no customer yet but later on the customers kept on coming one after another.

George Town Big Ben Breakfast

Big Ben Set (RM4 - RM9)

The Big Ben Set's prices varies with the different ingredients of the dishes. The above photo is the complete set (bacon, ham, sausage, egg, baked beans, tomato and toast), RM9. If you want to change the egg to scrambled egg, you will have to add on another RM2.

George Town Big Ben Breakfast

Cheese and Smoked Salmon Sandwich - RM8.50

There are four type of sandwiches to choose from

Cheese and Ham - RM5
Cheese and Egg - RM5
Ham and Egg - RM5
Cheese and Smoked Salmon - RM8.50

My friend said that the bun tasted very nice but the filing was just normal only.

George Town Big Ben Breakfast

Tuna Douber Decker Sandwich - RM5.50

This was my order. It tasted normal only and nothing attractive about it.
Basically, the foods in Big Ben are divided into breakfast set and sandwiches, the rest are all drinks.

George Town Big Ben Breakfast
一起共享早餐的朋友 These are my breakfast friends

Business Hour
8 AM - 2 PM
Closed on Wednesday

83 Lebuh Bishop, 10200 George Town, Pulau Pinang, Malaysia

Free Wifi

This post was originally written on 16th July 2014

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