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【Penang Cafe】Just Another Cafe For USM Students | Pinetree Cafe

Pinetree Cafe

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***Now known as Uni Cafe***
'What to eat later?' seems to be a very hard question for many university students. I used to be a USM student so I know exactly how hard this question is. Every time when this hard question cant be answered, I will always suggest going to Bali-Bali food court at Sungai Dua to settle our meal as it has a variety of foods to choose from. The bad news is, Bali-Bali food court has been closed down for quite some time and is was indeed a great loss for USM students. Today, I want to introduce this Pinetree Cafe to you all, which is located at Sungai Dua as well.

Actually, I came to Pinetree cafe today for a meet up with bloggers organised by Tour Directions. Tour Direction is a new startup birthed to become Penang's most exclusive food and travel online directory.

The wall of Pinetree Cafe is painted with creative drawing. There are trees being painted on the wall and the leaves are the customers feedback or comments. In the cafe, I saw the trees were grown with many green leaves, which can only mean that Pinetree Cafe has been visited by many customers.

There are many drawings hung on the wall of the cafe.
The environment of Pinetree Cafe is overall quite nice. The green leaves on the wall are very attractive, it made me feel like want to read all the feedback dropped by the customers.

Of so many drawings, this is the only portrait drawing in the cafe. The eyes of this girl is really big!

White Coffee - RM2.50

Before we started our event, the boss of Pinetree Cafe served us with drinks first. I have ordered a white coffee and it tasted just like the 3 in 1 Nescafe. If you don't feel like ordering any drink, Pinetree Cafe will serve you with free drink (lemon tea or honey green tea) for every food (snack not included) you order.

Before looking at the foods, let me first introduce the special sauce of Pinetree Cafe, the Mustard Chili! Since it is a special sauce, you have to specially request for it.

Onion Rings - RM3.90

Let's start with the snack first. I still remembered that I was ordering this onion rings as well during my visit last year. All I felt back then was the onion rings were too oily. However, the onion rings now has obviously improved to the point that it was not oily anymore.

The following are the signature foods of Pinetree Cafe.

Salmon Pasta Carbonara - RM11.90

The lemon added the sour taste to the pasta. The bread is the baguette bread.

Shisahmo Fish Rice Set - RM6.90

The kimchi is quite spicy.

Chicken Miso Ramen - RM8.90

Chicken Ramen Burger - RM10.90

The chicken is clipped with two pieces of hard and crispy ramen and this is how the name chicken ramen burger comes from.

Fish & Chip - RM8.90

Serve with mushy green pea and tartar sauce.

Shrimp Po Boy - RM8.00

Teriyaki Chicken Burger - RM8.90

This burger is quite special. It has Flammulina (mushroom)!

Breaded Chicken Breast - RM10.90

Sizzling Grilled Chicken - RM10.90

Serve with mashed potato and house salad. The mashed potato is nice!

This is Rois. He is the entertainer of Pinetree Cafe and he has a nice voice! He put his soul into his singing and I was attracted by him the whole time he sang. When you come to Pinetree Cafe next time, do request Rois to sing a song for you, you will definitely fall in love with him!

559D Jalan Sg. Dua, 11700 Kampong Sungai Gelugor, Pulau Pinang, Malaysia

Business Hour
Daily 11am - 10pm

04-656 2555


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This post was originally written on 16th March 2014

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