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【Penang Kopitiam】Nam Kie Kopitiam Famous Hai Nam Char | Kimberly Street

Nam Kie Hai Nam Char at Lebuh Kimberly
Nam Kie Hai Nam Char

In Penang, a place dominated by Hokkien people, finding a Hokkien Char (Hokkien fired noodle) would be an easy task but not for Hai Nam Char (Hai Nam fried noodle). In the Kimberley Street of Georgetown, there is a Chinese coffee shop that sells only Hai Nam Char. This is a plate of Hai Nam Char without prawns and offal, RM4.50.

Nam Kie Hai Nam Char at Lebuh Kimberly

I found that many of the fried noodles I ate will have the burnt smell, but not for this Hai Nam Char. The noodles of this Hai Nam Char is soft and smooth. The taste is nice, it wont be too salty.

Nam Kie Hai Nam Char at Lebuh Kimberly

When the hawker served us the Hai Nam Char, my friend, Tong told me that it is exactly the same as Hokkien Char. I never ate Hokkien Char before so I don't know how is Hokkien Char looks like. I asked the hawker what is the different between Hokkien Char and Hai Nam Char? The hawker told me that Hokkien Char will look darker while Hai Nam Char looks brighter. The hawker didn't add too much of ketchup into the Hai Nam Char so it looks brighter, and taste less salty as well.

Nam Kie Hai Nam Char at Lebuh Kimberly

I was quite satisfied with the coffee ice, RM1.50. It was quite saturated and the coffee smells nice. However, the coffee ice is a little bit too sweet. I left the coffee ice aside after the first taste, waiting the ice to melt to decrease the sweetness.

Nam Kie Hai Nam Char at Lebuh Kimberly

This coffee shop has quite a long history already. Due to the renovation done recently, it looks pretty new.

Nam Kie Hai Nam Char at Lebuh Kimberly

Actually I cant find the name of this coffee shop. I saw the signboard in front of the coffee shop written 'Nam Kie' so I considered that as it's name. In the early time, Nam Kie sells only breakfast (roti bakar, now still have). This Hai Nam Char was added in afterwards.

Nam Kie Hai Nam Char at Lebuh Kimberly

116 Lebuh Kimberley, Georgetown, 10200 George Town, Penang, Malaysia

Business Hour
7am - 12pm

Close on the 1st and 15th of the lunar month

This post was originally written on 21st March 2014

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