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【Penang Cafe】The Simply Irresistible Crème Brûlée & Yoghurt | DCOVA Cafe

DCOVA @ Lebuh Bishop
DCOVA at Bishop Street

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Need a break after a long and tired working day? Well, DCOVA is the place for you! Located at Bishop Street with the cosy ambiance, DCOVA has become the choice of many workers for a relaxing afternoon. DCOVA has just started their business about half year ago. Before this, it was a cafe known as Lighthouse Coffee.

DCOVA @ Lebuh Bishop

First of all, I would like to thank Jennifer for inviting me to this review. There are four bloggers that attended the review, which are Jennifer, Jazz, Serene and me. It was my first time meeting with Serene. She is a beautiful lady that speaks a fluent English.

DCOVA @ Lebuh Bishop

Our review was on a Sunday and the time was 3:30 PM. At first I thought that at this time there will be less customers. However, the opposite happened. Nearly all the table were occupied. The cafe has a cosy environment but it feels packed when there are a lot of customers.

DCOVA @ Lebuh Bishop

I like the interior design of DCOVA. It was simple at the look yet it is rich in content. The wall is decorated with an artistic drawing and the ceiling is hung with the orange light bulbs (just like the twinkle twinkle little stars XD).

DCOVA Lebuh Bishop

Having a closer look at the wall drawing, I just realised that the drawing is actually made of lots of coffee beans. Truly an amazing masterpiece!

DCOVA Lebuh Bishop

Aussie Strong Latte【RM9.50】

We were served with few cups of coffee first. Well, I actually don't have much knowledge about coffee so I couldn't provide any professional feedback. All I can say was that whether I like the taste or not. As for this Aussie Strong Latte, it suits my taste.

DCOVA Lebuh Bishop

Espresso Macchiato【RM6.50】

This Espresso Macchiato is a concentrated coffee so the taste is really bitter. It doesn't really suits my taste.

DCOVA Lebuh Bishop


This combination of Mocha and Cappuccino tasted sweet, which I like it (I love sweet things, especially desserts! XD).

DCOVA Lebuh Bishop
DCOVA Lebuh Bishop

Caramel Sea Salt Macchiato【RM9.50】

The Macchiato itself tastes sweet. There are sea salt at the glass mouth, which you can actually feel the sweetness first follow by the salty taste. Personally love this combination of sweet and salty taste.

DCOVA Lebuh Bishop

The coffee bean used by DCOVA is the "Throwback" that came from SIngapore. You may click here for more detail about "Throwback". Thanks to Jazz, I have gained some knowledge about coffee. Most coffees are made of combining few types of coffee beans together as there are not much people who like the taste of coffee that made of only one type of coffee bean.

DCOVA Lebuh Bishop

Hot Chocolate【RM8.50】

The hot chocolate of DCOVA is less concentrated with just the sweetness it should be.

DCOVA Lebuh Bishop

Matcha Latte【RM11.50】

If you are not a coffee-drinker, DCOVA do provide variety of tea to choose from.

DCOVA Lebuh Bishop

Ebiko Alfredo【RM19.90】

This is my first time eating a pasta top with ebiko and seaweed. It is definitely fresh for me! The ebiko and the seaweed give a very good mouthfeel to this pasta. As for the taste, I would say that it depends on each individual.

DCOVA Lebuh Bishop

Spicy Seafood Aglio Olio【RM18.90】

Any spicy seafood lover here? This spaghetti is quite spicy and the squid ring is definitely nice to chew!

DCOVA Lebuh Bishop

If the spicy seafood aglio olio is still not spicy enough for you, you can add on the chili powder provided by DCOVA.

DCOVA Lebuh Bishop

These are the salt and pepper provided by DCOVA. One question arises when I saw these salt and pepper. How do I consume them while they are in the granular state? Well, this is when the container plays it's role. Just rotate the "+" on top of the container and the salt and pepper will become powder form and then came out from the container's bottom (I find it quite special as this was my first time seeing such container! XD).

DCOVA Lebuh Bishop
DCOVA Lebuh Bishop

Chicken Rice ala Dcova【RM18.90】

I like the chicken chop of this chicken rice as it is juicy and meaty. The vegetable at the side was prepared with the vinegar, mustard and other materials which gives the sour taste. As for the rice, personally think that it is a bit dry.

DCOVA Lebuh Bishop

Saute Mushrooms with Cheese on Toast【RM13.90】

The fragrant baked cheese toast topped with various mushroom, definitely a must eat for cheese and mushroom lover!

DCOVA Lebuh Bishop

Teriyaki Chicken Salad【RM17.90】

When the salad was served, my reaction was : "Wow! The portion is so big!". I like the sweet Teriyaki chicken very much which it was served on a bed of fresh mixed salad tossed in Japanese goma sauce and topped with chopped walnuts. By the way, I love the little tomato! :)

DCOVA Lebuh Bishop


Y & G stand for yoghurt and granola. I really love the taste of the sour yoghurt mixing with the sweet granola!

DCOVA Lebuh Bishop

Creme Brulee【RM13.90】

The creme brulee of DCOVA is provided by a French chef. The custard of the creme brulee is soft and smooth and the outer layer is crispy. I will recommended this creme brulee as a must try dessert

DCOVA Lebuh Bishop

Vanilla Shakerato【RM10.50】

Ever tried eating ice-cream together with coffee? Two scoops of vanilla ice-cream blended nicely with the espresso and brown sugar gives the sweet yet bitter taste. It is worth a try!

DCOVA Lebuh Bishop

Gula Melaka Cheese Cake【RM11.90】

We were having a cheese cake for our last dessert (happy!). The surface layer of the cheese cake is the Gula Melaka but the overall taste wasn't too sweet. For me, it is just about the sweetness.

DCOVA Lebuh Bishop

Beside selling coffee, DCOVA do sell alcoholic drinks as well. It is a good idea to spend you weekend with some friends at DCOVA for an escape from the stressful working life.

DCOVA Lebuh Bishop

Logan Heritage No. 4 Lebuh Bishop, George Town, 10200 Penang, Malaysia

Business Hour
Monday to Thursday:9 AM - 10 PM
Friday to Saturday:9 AM - 12 AM
Sunday:8:30 AM - 9 PM

Phone:04-261 3121

  Facebook Fan Page

This post was originally written on 2nd October 2014

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