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【Penang Cafe】Where Pancake & Coffee Meet Nutella | Love & Latte Cafe

Love Lane Love & Latte
Love & Latte Cafe at Love Lane
Being near to the famous food street, Love Lane has become one of the tourists' favourite hangout spot . As a result, cafes and hostels started to appear one by one. Love & Latte cafe is among them and they have been running their business for several months now. Before I proceed further, I would like to thank Tour Directions for inviting me to this food review.

Love Lane Love & Latte

Since it is a hotspot for tourists, beer is a must, as tourists love beers! Tourists can get one bucket of beer at only RM45.

Love Lane Love & Latte

The cafe itself is a two storey long-shape building. The ground floor has a theme coulor of pink and both side were set up with tables and chairs (each dining table is available for 4 persons).

Love Lane Love & Latte

The beer is available at the counter (not listed in the menu). If you would like to have some beer, merely go to the counter and pick your favourite alcohol. :)

Love Lane Love & Latte

This is the upper floor, where we had our food review done. The upper floor is dim and the interior design is not suite to my taste.

Love Lane Love & Latte
Love Lane Love & Latte

Just Nutella Pancake【RM11】

The selling point of Love & Latte are probably their pancakes and the Nutella. 'Just Nutella Pancake' is the combination of both. Well, Nutella lover definitely gonna loves this one!

Love Lane Love & Latte
Love Lane Love & Latte

3 In 1 Pancake With Egg【RM15】

3 in 1 here refers to the bacon, smoked salmon and smoked duck with scrambled egg. Though it contains 3 different types of meat, yet the portion is not that big so it wouldn't be suitable to make it as a main course (especially for someone like me who eats a lot! XD).

Love Lane Love & Latte

Matcha Pancake With Azuki Beans【RM16.50】

A 3 layes matcha pancake with matcha ice-cream and Azuki beans. For me, it is definitely a good combination as I love ice-cream and Azuki beans! The matcha doesn't tastes strong enough though.

Love Lane Love & Latte

Smoked Salmon Pizza【RM18】

Well, the name has it all. It's a smoked salmon pizza! The crust was crispy and it tastes quite good.

Love Lane Love & Latte

Bacon + Egg Pizza【RM18】

Sadly, I didn't get the chance to try out this pizza. It looks nice and probably tastes nice too! Aww~ T_T

Love Lane Love & Latte

Banana Puff【RM10.50】

At the first sight, I though that it was the Chinese 'Yao Zha Kwai'. The fact is, it is actually a banana puff. The puff's crust was pretty crispy and it tastes good when eat together with the ice-cream.

Love Lane Love & Latte

Affagato Green Tea【RM9】

Due to it's tiny size, I only had a small spoon of it. From that little amount I have, I cant really tastes the green tea.

Love Lane Love & Latte


Customers get to customise three of their favourite drinks from the following drinks.

·mocha ·flatwhite ·ristrestto ·hot choc ·espresso ·cappuccino ·honey milk ·nutella latte ·nutella choc ·green tea latte

Again, I didn't get the chance to try out this one as well! Another sad case for me~ T_T

Love Lane Love & Latte

Baby Nutella【RM10】| Cappuccino【RM9】| Nutella Latte【RM11】

Among these three drinks, my favourite one would be the Baby Nutella. Just love the sweet taste of it! The cappuccino was a bit too bitter for me.

Love Lane Love & Latte

Besides serving pancakes and pizzas, Love & Latte do serve croissants and bread toasts as well. If you are here for a proper meal, you might want to try out their set meal. 

86, Love Lane, 10200 George Town, Malaysia

Business Hour
8 AM - 11 PM(每天营业)

电话:04-261 4119

Facebook Fan Page

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This post was originally written on 21st November 2014

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