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【Penang Gourmet】The Biggest Burger Ever In Penang! | Zul's Burger (Halal)

Zul's Burger, the biggest burger in Penang
The biggest burger in Penang

Long ago, I have heard of this gigantic burger appeared somewhere in Penang, but I have never really went to search for it. Until few days ago, a friend of mine has invited me to try out this gigantic burger and then I just realised that it was actually located at somewhere pretty near to my house. What a surprise!

Zul's Burger, the biggest burger in Penang

Comparing the giant burger with my phone made my phone looks pretty small! Before the filling was added, the empty burger weights 500 g. After it was added with the filling, the weight was raised up to 3 KG! That was quite a heavy filling they got there.

Zul's Burger, the biggest burger in Penang

The giant burger has a diameter of 11 inches (about 28 cm). It was larger than the normal birthday cake. Talking about birthday, it would be a good idea to celebrate the birthday with this giant burger instead of the normal birthday cake. Kinda interesting, don't you think?

Zul's Burger, the biggest burger in Penang

There was a burger bread being sandwiched in the middle so the giant burger was actually a two layers burger. It's height was about 3 inches high which was almost the same height as my mobile phone.

Zul's Burger, the biggest burger in Penang

Basically, the filling inside the giant burger is more or less the same as pizza, which consists of corns, green peas, sausages, onions, and chicken or beef. Personally think that it would be nicer if slices of cheese were added in.

Zul's Burger, the biggest burger in Penang

According to the boss, one giant burger is able to feed 4 persons. Though we have 4 persons eating at that night, but we couldn't finished it. Probably this giant burger is able to feed up to 6 persons. As for the taste, personally think that it was normal only and it was quite spicy.

Zul's Burger, the biggest burger in Penang

This is the owner of Zul's Burger, Encik Zulkefli Bin Hassan. Encik Zul has been selling burgers at this hawker center for more than 3 years. He was selling at Relau previously. Encik Zul came out with this idea as he was inspired by the giant bread from the western country. So, he was thinking of bringing such cultural to Penang. Hence, the giant burger is born.

Zul's Burger, the biggest burger in Penang

Zul's Burger is located within the hawker center near Vistana Hotel. It is only open for business after 6 PM.

Zul's Burger, the biggest burger in Penang

This is how the Zul's Burger shop looks like. Green, yellow and red are the theme colour.

Zul's Burger, the biggest burger in Penang
Photo taken from

This is the list of burgers and their respective prices. Besides the giant burger, Zul's Burger also have some really special burger like Burger Facebook and Burger Twitter. Hmm... I wonder how they look like?

30Y, Kompleks MPPP Lebuh Nipah, 11950 Sg Nibong, Penang

Business Hour
6 PM - 2 AM

 电话:+6012451 8771 / +6012578 8771 / +60111442 8771
电邮 /

Facebook Fan Page

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