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【Penang Gourmet】A Laksa Stall That Nestled Under A Big Tree | Sungai Ara

Sungai Ara Big Tree Laksa
Big Tree Laksa at Sungai Ara

Last week, when I took bus to Gertak Sanggul, the bus passed through Sungai Ara and I saw this laksa stall under the big tree. The next day, I walked to this laksa stall to try out their laksa. Unfortunately, when I reached there, they were closed! It was their rest day on Monday, what a bad luck. I am not giving up so I went there again yesterday and this time I managed to try out the laksa.

Sungai Ara Big Tree Laksa

This big tree laksa has a history of over ten years and it is run by two female hawkers (I only saw two hawkers at that time, they look like grandmother-granddaughter to me). The younger hawker wasn't that friendly. She didn't put a smile on her face while taking my order. It makes me feel uneasy.

Sungai Ara Big Tree Laksa

  Laksa (Small)【RM3.30】

This is the laksa that I have been anticipated! The soup is dilute and they didn't put much minced fish meat in it. Yet, they do put a lot of onions! The sour taste is about average and it is spicy (they put chilis in the laksa). Overall, personally rate the taste normal only.

Sungai Ara Big Tree Laksa

Popiah (Per Piece)【RM0.70】

Previously I have saw people posting the photo of laksa mix with popiah and I find it quite interesting. Since they got sell popiah, so I have ordered some to mix it with the laksa. The truth is, other than the interesting part, everything is just normal, the taste is still laksa and popiah taste, nothing special.

Sungai Ara Big Tree Laksa

I like the laksa's noodle here. Compare to the other laksa, the noodle here is much thinner and it is smooth and al dente. It gave me a really good mouth-feel.

Sungai Ara Big Tree Laksa

  Herbal Tea【RM1.00】

They only sell two drinks, which is red bean soup and herbal tea. I have ordered a glass of herbal tea and it tasted normal only. By the way, when I was ordering the drink, I told the younger hawker I want Ice Kacang. Then the hawker told me that they only have red bean soup and herbal tea. Then I told her I want chrysanthemum tea (it was written there chrysanthemum tea on the food and drink list), then she told me again they only have red bean soup and herbal tea. At last, I ordered a herbal tea. After I have finished my laksa, I went to ask the older hawker was it that they used to sell Ice Kacang? Now no more? Then the hawker told me that they didn't sell Ice Kacang. When I reached home and check back the photo, I just realised that what was written on the list is red bean soup and not Ice Kacang (Ica Kacang is written as red bean ice in Chinese). Oh my God! I was such a fool for not seeing the list carefully. I just feel that I was silly~

Sungai Ara Big Tree Laksa

Here is the list of the foods and it's prices. Though it was written chrysanthemum tea on the list, but what I drank on that day was just normal herbal tea (not sure whether they got served chrysanthemum tea on the other day or not). Except laksa, the other food were put on the table in front of the stall and customers have to self service.

Sungai Ara Big Tree Laksa

As the dining area is under a big tree, you will see tree leaves falling down. So, be careful not to take in any. When I was eating my laksa, I saw flies flying around. The hygiene here is rather low.

The roadside to the left of SJK (C) Chong Cheng, in front of resident house area, the field opposite SMK Sungai Ara (please refer to map)

Business Hour
12 PM - 6 PM (Close on Monday)

This post was originally written on 23rd August 2014

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