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【Penang Gourmet】One Of The Nicest Ho Fun Th'ng Not Known By Many | Tuck Sai Cafe

Ho Fun Th'ng at Sri Pelangi
Ho Fun Th'ng at Sri Pelangi

This is the best Ho Fun Th'ng that I have ever ate so far. Really have to thank my boss for bringing me and treat me this super nice Ho Fun Th'ng. I really appreciate it!

 The chicken of this Ho Fun Th'ng is marinated before it is cook. The chicken meat is very soft. As for the mushroom, it has absorbed the soup and when you bite the mushroom, you can feel the soup flowing out from the mushroom. The soup is saturated and it just simply taste delicious. The price for the small one is RM3.50, the big one is RM4, and for added ingredients one is RM5. I suggest you order the one with added ingredients otherwise you will surely go for the second bowl..haha..

Ho Fun Th'ng at Sri Pelangi

This Ho Fun Th'ng stall is actually a small stall inside a Chinese cafe and this Chinese cafe is located at the ground floor of the Sri Pelangi flat. To find this Sri Pelangi flat, it is located at Jalan Bukom. Moving down further a bit from Convent Datuk Keramat (right-hand side), there is a Federal Palace Chinese Cuisine restaurant. Beside this restaurant is the Jalan Singapura. Go in to Jalan Singapura and eventually you will come to a T-junction. Turn right from the T-junction and you will see this Sri Pelangi flat.

Ho Fun Th'ng at Sri Pelangi

This is the Chinese cafe below Sri Pelangi flat, Tuck Si Cafe. The Ho Fun Th'ng stall is at the corner.

Ho Fun Th'ng at Sri Pelangi

The other side of Tuck Si Cafe is the Yang-Yang Seafood.

Ho Fun Th'ng at Sri Pelangi

This is the Ho Fun Th'ng stall.

Ho Fun Th'ng at Sri Pelangi

The owner is preparing the Ho Fun Th'ng for us. When we reached there (about 6.30pm), there was no one around. But after a while, people are coming non-stop. This stall is not known by many, only those are staying near there know it. If it is not my boss, I think I will never have the chance to taste such delicious Ho Fun Th'ng.

Business Hour
7 PM - 10 PM (Close on Sunday & Monday)

This post was originally written on 11th July 2013


  1. I never heard about this hor fun th'ng before at all. It looks tasty! Thanks for introducing too!

  2. You are welcome Michelle. It is indeed pretty tasty! Hope you will enjoy it too! :)


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