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【Penang Gourmet】The 40 Over Years Apong Seller at Burmah Road | Apong Guan

Apong Guan Jalan Burma
Apong Guan at Burmah Road

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This is it! One ofhe stall that sells the most delicious Apong (pancake) in Penang! Apong Guan has been running it's business for more than 40 years and today it's customers are still keep coming non-stop. Some of the customers even call for booking. Many of the cars passing by stopped in front of Apong Guan and started ordering the Apong, some even ordered up to 20 to 30 pieces in one go.

Two years ago I have tried this Apong. Today I tried it again, the taste and the texture was just like how it was two years ago. Delicious!!!

Apong Guan Jalan Burma

The copper hotplate that Ah Guan used to make Apong only has nine slots so he can only make nine Apong at a time and each making takes three minutes. When I was there today, there were 40 Apongs queuing up before me, so I have to wait for some time before Ah Guan make my Apong.

Apong Guan Jalan Burma

After spreading a layer on the hotplate, Ah Guan closed the hotplate with a lid. He then took the banana hanging at the side of the stall and sliced them into pieces. I must say that Ah Guan has a very nice slicing skill as he merely used about one second to slice one banana and each slices were about the same size! This was the result from his 40 years experiences.

Apong Guan Jalan Burma

About two minutes later, Ah Guan opened the lid and put two slices of banana on top of each Apong.

Apong Guan Jalan Burma

And then Ah Guan added a few cream corn on each Apong.

Apong Guan Jalan Burma

Ah Guan closed the lid again and wait for another one minute. During this free time, I have asked Ah Guan a few question as this is the only appropriate moment to speak with him. After one minute, Ah Guan took out the Apong on the hotplate and put them aside and then he started to make another nine Apong again.

Apong Guan Jalan Burma

One piece of Apong costs RM0.50, I have bought three. The reason why this Apong is very delicious is because it is very soft and fluffy, it literally melts in the mouth. Besides, the banana slices and the cream corn inside the Apong have perfectly bring out the sweet taste.

Apong Guan Jalan Burma

The business hour for Apong Guan is from 9am to 5pm. As for which day it is closed, this will have to depends on Ah Guan himself. Ah Guan told me that sometimes he didn't opened the stall. The location for Apong Guan stall is at Burma Road, in front of the SMJK Union (Penang) and opposite the Ghee Hiang.

 This post was originally written on 22nd March 2014

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