Wednesday, 26 February 2014

【Penang Gourmet】The Special Curry Mee, Special Breakfast & Special Coffee That Are Nestled Under A Big Tree | Ah Lai Cafe

Ah Lai Cafe Under Big Tree
Somewhere in George Town

Couple of days ago, me and my house-mate have discussed about the places to have breakfast in Penang and one of the places we mentioned is this Ah Lai Cafe under the big tree. Today, coincidentally I was hanging around that area and so I went there to have my brunch.

Actually, the hawker do not want me to upload the photos I have took (but I have done it, feeling bad now) as they don't want to become famous. And so, I shall not reveal their location. I have been thinking that why is it they don't why to become famous and finally I come to a conclusion. It seems like that they are actually lacking of workers and they might be afraid that they cannot cop with the situation where lots of customers are coming non-stop. Well, I have waited my food for quite some time as well even though there were few customers only.

Ah Lai Cafe Under Big Tree

I have ordered this special coffee ice (RM1.80) recommended by the hawker. At the first sight, this special coffee ice is really somehow special. It has three layers! The upper layer is the sweet bubbles, the middle layer is the coffee and the lower layer should be the milk.

Ah Lai Cafe Under Big Tree

After apply a few stirs on the special coffee ice, it immediately turned into a normal coffee ice. One thing different from the other coffee ice is that the coffee ice here tastes sweeter (I think most probably it was caused by the bubble on top).

Ah Lai Cafe Under Big Tree

This full set breakfast (RM5.60) was also recommended by the hawker.

Ah Lai Cafe Under Big Tree

The full set here means two pieces of bread, two eggs and two sausages.

Ah Lai Cafe Under Big Tree

Originally I was planning on eating the full set breakfast only. However, I accidentally saw the curry mee at the opposite table and I accidentally heard that there was cheese inside. And hence, as a cheese lover, I have ordered one bowl as well. This special (cheese added) curry mee costs me RM5.50. Besides curry, they also provide tomyam and broth as the alternate options.

Ah Lai Cafe Under Big Tree

The noodles of the curry mee should be the Maggie noodle (I have saw boxes of Maggie at there). For the first few gulps, I can feel the cheese but after that, all it left was only the spicy taste.

Ah Lai Cafe Under Big Tree

After finished my brunch, I was still lying at there enjoying the cold wind blown under the shady big tree. By the way, I was very lucky as the hawker told me that they sometimes didn't open on Sunday if by any chance her daughter got an extra class on that particular Sunday. She told me that without her daughter, they really don't have enough workers.

If you really like to know the location and the business hour of Ah Lai Cafe, do send me an email. =)

This post was originally written on 26th January 2014

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