Tuesday, 18 June 2013


那一刻,劳累的心情也开始转换成喜悦。看着这29只小黑猫沿着墙壁笔直向前,嘴上也不由自主地露出了微笑。拍完照,数完猫,然后就踏上归途了。如果你也在寻找着这些小黑猫的话,它们就在Lebuh Pantai消防局背面的小巷里。加油哦!

As usual, I have been wandering in Georgetown after my work, searching for new kitten mural by the '101 Lost Kitten' project. Unfortunately, the results turn out to be negative after searching for one hour. Tired, I decided to go back home and continue my mural hunting the next day. I passed through a small alley, which I normally wont be using it to get to the bus station. Just when I was about to leave the small alley, guess what, 29 little black kittens (if I counted it correctly) appeared in front of my very own eyes, aligning themselves along the wall charging forward. That moment, the tiredness I have accumulated so far has turn into happiness. Looking at them, I couldn't stop smiling. After taking some shot and counting the number of kittens, I went back home satisfyingly. If you were looking for these 29 little cute black kittens, they are at the small alley at the back of the Lebuh Pantai fire station. Good luck!

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