Wednesday, 19 June 2013


原本是听说在Lorong Soo Hong那里有小猫壁画的,但是找了好久都找不到。结果被我发现的是这美丽的树叶。这树叶如果是一般经过Lorong Soo Hong的话都是会看到的。

There are news saying that there is a kittens mural in Lorong Soo Hong, yet I fail to notice one after looking for a very long time. However, I have found something beautiful instead. Yes, it is the leaves in the photo below. Normally, if just passing through Lorong Soo Hong, the leaves can be easily noticed. Yet, to see the leaves from the angle shown in the photo, one must walk deeper inside. For a passerby, they wont normally go inside as the place is actually a bit dirty. The ground is covered with rubbishes. Today, I have went deep inside as I suspected there might be a kitten mural there. Sadly, there wasn't any, but I was rewarded with the beautiful scene. It was really a windfall for me! In life, sometimes if we change another point of view of seeing problems, we might see a better world.

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