Friday, 21 June 2013


第一个发现它们的地点是在进福饮食中心的海墘新路的入口处的旁边(在那里有两只)。接着,就是在Sekeping Victoria前面的铁网沙发上发现的。相信,应该还有几只会躲在别的地方吧。

In the middle of hunting the 101 Lost Kittens mural, I have found some kittens made by colourful string. I believe that they are hiding in a number of places as I have found them in two different places. The first place that I found them (there were 2 kittens there) was at the side of the entrance (Lebuh Victoria site) of CF food court. Then, I found another one at the front of the Sekeping Victoria, above the sofa made of iron. Hope that I will find the rest of them soon.

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