Saturday, 22 June 2013

101 Lost Kittens : The Mural Hunting Game


  1. Google Play或The App Store下载Muzzy App。然后选择9格式的Photobox为参赛标准。
  2. 到乔治市里狩猎壁画(共有11幅壁画)。你需要拍摄8幅壁画和1个雕塑。
  3. 在11幅壁画里,你只需要拍摄其中8幅即可。第九张照片将会是猫妈妈雕塑(只有在6月29日才会出现)。
  4. 当你收集完9张所需的照片后,你必须在29/6/2013将照片上载到101 Lost Kittens的面书网页,连同你的完整姓名(如登记所示)。
  5. 前200名成功将照片上载的参赛者将会赢得限量版的Switch Their Live T恤。赢家可以在29/6/2013, 下午3点至5点到Victoria Street的101 Lost Kittens的摊位领取T恤。
  6. 此外,所有的参赛者可以参与下午5点的幸运抽奖(3个大奖)。
  • 免费在BonTon Langkawi的两夜住宿。
  • 免费在Temple Tree,BonTon Langkawi的一夜住宿。
  • China House的300零吉用餐礼券。
Hey guys, are you ready for tomorrow Mural Hunting Game? This hunting game will last for a week, from 23 rd June 2013 to 29th June 2013. The rules and steps of the game are as follow:
  1. Download the Muzzy App from The App Store or Google Play. Select the 9 frame Photobox for the contest
  2. Head to George Town, where all the 11 mural paintings are scattered (as illustrated on the map). You will need to snap 8 photos of the mural and 1 sculpture
  3. You are only required to snap 8 of the 11 mural paintings. The 9th photo should be the picture of the Mama cat sculpture which will only be released on the 29th June 2013. Stay tuned to 101 Lost Kittens to find out the location of the mama cat.
  4. Once you are done, upload the photo with your full name as on your IC to 101 Lost Kittens on the 29th June 2013.
  5. The first 200 contestants to upload will win a limited Switch Their Life T Shirt which you can collect by visiting the 101 Lost Kitten booth on Victoria Street on the 29th June 2013 from 3pm-5pm
  6. There will be a lucky draw for all participants at 5pm for 3 Grand Prizes
  • Free two nights stay in BonTon Langkawi
  • Free One night stay at Temple Tree, BonTon Langkawi
  • RM300 Voucher to dine in China House.


Well, good luck to all of you! Hope that you will become one of the winners. I wish to participate in this mural hunting game as well, but sadly, I do not own a smart phone. So, all I can do is just to upload all the mural painting that I have found to this blog of mine. Including the 15 cats below (the right one can be considered as 14 cats, right?), I have already collected 51 cats. Still lack of 50 more cats, it seems like I have to put more efforts as well!

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