Thursday, 25 July 2013

Ubah Bird @ Penang

Water Ubah Bird


Finally, I get the chance to meet with this giant Ubah bird that has been floating on the Penang sea for few days. It all thanks to my friend, Mei Lin who is willing to fetch me to get a view of this Ubah bird despite she was tired from her day-long work. Thank you very much! Though, we didn't make it for the light-up ceremony, but I am already satisfy with just a snap of this Ubah bird.


When we reach there, it is already the closing ceremony for this light-up event. The event is ended with two dances by this cute Ubah bird mascot.


Well, I should consider this as a gift from CM Lim Guan Eng..haha.. An uncle give this badge to us once we reached there.

还不知道这只乌巴鸟在哪里的朋友们,它就在IJM Promenade附近的海边。从日落洞高速公路往乔治市的方向前进,一直走到Sungai Pinang的Bali-Bali饮食中心。注意别上桥哦,上桥就得转个大弯回头了。到了桥底,你就会看到Bali-Bali饮食中心在你的左边,前面是红绿灯。红绿灯过后转右然后直走。过后你就会来到IJM Promenade的海边了。这时可以在附近找位子泊车,然后行走前往海边,过后你就会看到这只巨大的乌巴鸟了。

For those friends out there who still don't know the location of this Ubah bird, it is located on the sea around IJM Promenade. Driving from Jelutong Express towards the Georgetown direction until you come to the Bali-Bali hawker center at Sungai Pinang. Remember not to cross the fly-over, otherwise you will have to make a big U-turn to get back. When you are at the bottom of the fly-over, you will see Bali-Bali hawker center at your left and there is a traffic light in front of you. Turn right after the traffic light and then drive straight. Then, you will reach the IJM Promenade area. You can now park your car at a nearby parking lot and walk to the sea side. Once you reach the sea side, you will definitely see the giant Ubah bird.

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