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Two days ago, another new mural has just been completed by the three university students who are the artist that painted the mural at Seong Huat hawker center. This time, they have drawn two trishaws and a family set of minions. The hats that the coachmans wearing and the wheels of the trishaws are the real things.

这幅车夫壁画是在二條路那里的。如果是走路的话,从1st Avenue购物广场的正门,经过Jalan Magazine,走进Lebuh McNair然后弯进左边的第一条路。弯进的这条路就是二條路了。直走并注意你的左边,车夫壁画就在53号的人力车房民宿的墙上了。如果你是驾车的话,就必须从Gama购物广场那里弯进二條路了。

This trishaws mural is located at Noordin Street. If you are walking, then from the 1st Avenue shopping mall main door pass through Magazine Road and reach McNair Street. Turn left when you come to the first junction of McNair Street and then walk straight. Now, you are at the Noordin Street. Walk along the Noordin Street and notice your left hand side. The mural is on the wall of Noordin Mews which is located at No. 53 of Noordin Street. If you are driving, then you will have to turn in to Noordin Street from Gama supermarket.


Opposite the trishaws mural painting and to the left, there is a shop name Dali Stationery Enterprise. This is where the mural painting of the minions family is. There are a total of 6 minions.


These are the six minions~

与小黄人壁画同排的右边有一间叫作Seven 9的便利店。猜猜看里面有什么?

To the right of the minions family mural painting, there is a Seven 9 mini mart. Guess what is in there?

猜对了吗?里面也有一只小黄人哦。这只小黄人是Seven 9便利店的老板叫人画上的。

Have you guess it correctly? It is another minion inside the mart!

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