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【Penang Accommodation】The Hakka Traditional Old House On Top Of The Mountain | Balik Pulau Lodge

Balik Pulau Lodge
Balik Pulau Lodge

Few days ago, me and my senior went to Balik Pulau to find a lodging. Coincidentally, we saw this Balik Pulau Lodge signboard and so we decided to have a look at it.

This lodge is located at the roadside of Pulau Betong. Going along the main road of Pulau Betong, you will see a mosque and the Balik Pulau Lodge signboard is at the entrance of a small lane that is opposite the mosque. Going into the small lane for about 1km, you will come to the parking lot. You will have to park your car there if you come by a car because the mountain road is too dangerous for car to go in. They only allow motor bike and bicycle to use the mountain road. And of course, you can choose to challenge your stamina by climbing the mountain. However, they do provide transport for their customers. Well, me and my senior went by car, so the only choice we have is to walk. Though the road is made of cement, but it still took us half an hour to reach the lodge.

Balik Pulau Lodge

Hakka traditional big house; located in Pulau Betong, Penang at an altitude of about 300 feet above sea level. We offered a glimpse of the very traditional Hakka folk culture and multitude activities ranging from mountain bike climbing, recreational camping, physical strength challenge and group training recreational orchard resort.We have 12 acres of orchards which with durian tree and cardamom tree and 40 local tropical fruits in the Hakka traditional old house. Visitors get to enjoy the cool mountain climate, the air is fresh and surrounded by greeneries, spectacular mountains and sea view. (quoted from Balik Pulau Lodge website)

Balik Pulau Lodge

Once we reached the lodge, we were resting at here. There is no people around except for some builder building the house. Judging from the way its look, this is mostly a place for the customers to enjoy the Hakka cuisine.

Balik Pulau Lodge

If you come with a bicycle, you can park your bicycle at the space not far from the entrance. You can also barbecue at there.

Balik Pulau Lodge

The natural environment of the lodge.

Balik Pulau Lodge

There is a small garden inside the lodge.

Balik Pulau Lodge

And there is a small library for you to read in this calm and comfort nature environment.

Balik Pulau Lodge
Balik Pulau Lodge
Balik Pulau Lodge

The artists are drawing on the big stone.

Balik Pulau Lodge

For the accommodation, the prices and packages are as follow:
Group package (2 days 1 night stay) include food, indoor and outdoor group training
  1. Ordinary - RM180
  2. Standard - RM250
  3. Special - RM350
Family package include food and stay
  1. Ordinary - RM130
  2. Standard - RM200
  3. Special - RM300
Balik Pulau Lodge

This tent looks special so I guess this is for the special package.

Balik Pulau Lodge

This is how it looks like inside the special tent.

If you like mother nature or wish to stay away from the busy city-life, this is a good place for having a vacation.

For more information, you can visit their official website,

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This post was originally written on 16th July 2013

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