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New mural paintings have come to Penang. This time, the 'lady enjoying her breakfast' mural is drawn by 3 university students. I want to express my thank to my reporter friend for telling me this new mural painting and my another friend who fetch me to snap this mural painting. You guys really help a lot!

除了在Lorong Soo Hong有小黄人,这里也有两个小黄人哦!这个是被画在石灰柱子上的。

Besides the minions at Soo Hong Lane, here also got two minions mural painting. This one is painted on a pillar.


And another one is painted on a round iron pillar.


These three murals painting is located inside this hawker canter. Look at the picture and let's guess where is it first~

揭晓答案吧。这里是祥发美食一家。祥发美食一家位于Jalan Larut那里的,对面就是槟城最有特色的KCF快餐店,而旁边则是Hotel Royal Penang。从Lebuh Chulia来的话,反码头方向直走直到Odeon印度戏院。过后再走进Jalan Argyll,然后直走到尽头,过后湾左边就会看到祥发美食一家了。

Now, let's reveal the answer. This is Seong Huat hawker center. It is located at Jalan Larut. Opposite this hawker center is the very unique KFC restaurant and beside it is the Hotel Royal Penang. If you come from Chulia Street, drive the opposite direction of the jetty until you come to the end of Chulia Street. You shall see the Odeon cinema at here. Then drive into Argyll Road that is beside the Odeon cinema and then drive straight until you come to the end of the road. Then turn left and you will see this Seong Huat hawker center.

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