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On last Saturday, She Fu (community service club) has came to Balik Pulau to beautify the wall of Sacred Heart Primary School. We are actually invited by the Sacred Heart Headmaster to do some mural on the wall. With this opportunity, She Fu brought along the first year students of USM to do the mural and expose them with the community of Balik Pulau.


Dawn is coming. She Fu's people woke up to prepare breakfast for all the participants.


The breakfast is the delicious bread with kaya!

7.30早上,大家都到理大的Padang Kawad集合。

At 7.30 AM, we gathered at the marching field of USM.


After counting the number of participants, we queued to get onto the bus. Lets go!


On the bus, we had did some simple warming up and ice-breaking.


After an hour journey, we have reached Sacred Heart Primary School.


After putting away our bags, we form a big circle at the basketball field in front of the school to carry out ice-breaking. Unfortunately, soon after we finished our ice-breaking, rain started to pour down heavily.


Praying for the rain stop? ..haha..

接着,我们就来到了礼堂,玩玩小团康 - 进化游戏。

Then, we went to the canteen to play a mini game - Evolution Game.


The game goes like this : At start, everyone is under the first stage status. Then, the players will start to play mora with other players. The winners get to evolve to the second stage and the loser stays the same. Next, the players have to find another players of the same stage status to play mora with them. Same, the winner get to evolve to the next stage but the loser will have to downgrade to the previous stage (for players of second stage and above). The objective of this game is to evolve yourself to the fourth stage and you win. If the player is unable to evolve to fourth stage within the time given, then the player lose the game.


And of course, when you lose you get the punishment. The punishment is the losing players have to find the other losing player and forcefully kiss them!

社服的二位烂瓜 - 文杰和建文

The seniors of She Fu - Boon Kiat and Jian Wen


While everyone was playing the games, our She Fu leader, Li Yen is mixing the colour for us.


After the game, we were divided into four groups with four different different paintings. This group wil be staying at the canteen and draw the painting on a white cloth.


They will draw a green field, a pencil tree, a Ferris wheel and a hot-air-balloon.


This group will draw at the front of the office.


The theme for their painting is Geometry.


And this group will draw on the wall in front of the primary classroom.


Their theme is hibiscus.


This group is responsible for the biggest mural. This mural is located on the wall at the left to the Sacred Heart primary school main gate. Besides the people from She Fu, this mural is done with the help from the Sacred Heart's students as well.


Not just the students, even teacher Tan is offering her help for us.


Is he confessing to someone?..haha..


There is always someone as cute as her in She Fu.


There is a story behind this cat. The story goes by this, this cat has climb to a high place and then it started to make sound at there. Another cute She Fu people seen it and want to try to get it down, and so she throw her shoe at the cat. Who knows, her shoe was then drop into the drain pipe and was unable to get it back as the drain pipe is very high.


Lastly, the shoe was able to get back thanks to this Form 2 student. Left is Form 2 student and the right is university 2nd year student, notice the different..haha..


This is the guard of Sacred Heart, kind heart and like to sing. Notice the ice-cream the student held? It is a treat from the guard.


About three hours later, we stopped the drawing. Next is our lunch time and then we will go to the goat farm and the nutmeg farm. This is the drawing on the white cloth. The Ferris wheel was unable to complete.


This is the Geometry drawing in front of the office.


This is the hibiscus drawing in front of the primary classroom.


This is the mural in front of the school. It is still incomplete but there will be some She Fu people stay back to complete it.


Before leaving, we take a group photo with the hibiscus!


After having our lunch, we went to the Saanen Dairy Goat Farm. Let's leave the story of the goat farm for the next post~


***Dear friends, if you don't wish your photo to show up in my blog, do inform me. I will take it down***


  1. 你有在我母校画壁画~呵呵...

    1. 这是我在大学时参与的一个团体,社服被圣心校长邀请作画的,我只不过是去凑凑热闹罢了。。哈哈。。


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