Monday, 18 November 2013


10K Men Open. Photo credit to a reporter friend of mine.

三年前,以Fun Run的身份征服了槟威大桥。三年后的今天,再度踏上槟威大桥。虽然同样是10KM,不过这次我的身份倒是升级了。今天,我是以10K Men Open的身份征服了槟威大桥的!


Three years ago, I have conquered the Penang Bridge as a Fun Runner. Today, I have once again step foot on this Penang Bridge. Though the distance are the same, yet my identity was different. This time, my status has leveled up a little bit as I am participating as a 10K Men Open runner!

Previously, I conquered the Penang Bridge together with my friends. Today, I am all alone. Started alone, ran alone and finished alone. Surely, the feel will be a little bit different from three years ago. With friends, there will be a mindset telling me that the run is just for fun, all that matter is that as long as I reached the finishing line. When I am alone, I will be demanding more from myself. I feel like fighting for myself, forcing myself to do my best, challenge myself to the limit and these just feel good. Though it is a bit lonely to be alone, but it is definitely one breakthrough in my journey of life. I have never thought that I would have participating in the marathon alone, and yes, I did it today!


Well, these are my weapon and armor. The yellow singlet, red pant and blue shoe, it just feels so TV3..haha..


Finished 10KM run in 1 hour 13 minutes 19 seconds. Well, I do feel disappointed with myself as I didn't hit the target I set for myself. I know that I can actually run better than that but I didn't. If I were to run faster to my limit, 1 hour will not be a problem for me. Anyway, all I can do now is to wait for next year and I will make sure that I run to my very limit and even surpass it!


Anyway, I have earned the very first metallic medal in my life! However, I found out that those athletes who were not finished the run within the time given also get the medal. This makes me feel like the medal is not so precious anymore.


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