Thursday, 21 November 2013

【Penang Gourmet】Yee Noodle Soup + Ice Kacang | Always My Favourite Combo

Noodle Soup at Sungai Dua
Yee Noodle Soup at Sungai Dua

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Dinner for today - the Yee noodle soup from a nearby food stall. I had my dinner with my friends and I have ordered my favourite Yee noodle soup from the food stall. This is a big Yee noodle soup with bitter gourd added and it only costs RM4.30. A normal small bowl of noodle sup costs RM2.70 and a normal big one costs RM3.30. It is so cheap!

Noodle Soup at Sungai Dua

Beside Yee noodle, there are other type of noodles and koay teow available at this food stall. However, every time I went to eat at this food stall, I will always order Yee noodle soup because Yee noodle is my favourite of all noodles..haha..  There are several types of ingredients available to add on. You will have to pay extra for each add on.

Noodle Soup at Sungai Dua

This food stall is actually operating at the parking lot of a house. This house is located at the opposite of Tesco Extra of Sungai Dua, it is one of the shop houses. To the left of this house is a Chinese kopitiam and to the right is the shop selling badminton accessories. The business hour of this food stall is from 5pm to around 9pm, closed on weekend.

Ice Kacang at Sungai Dua

Two houses to the right is this shop house selling drinks. This drinks stall and the koay teow soup stall share their seats. So, you can actually order koay teow soup at the drink stall and order Ice-kacang at the koay teow soup stall.

Ice Kacang at Sungai Dua

The name of the drink stall is Cup-Bon. It sells Ice-kacang, cendol, barley and chrysanthemum.

Ice Kacang at Sungai Dua

The business hour of Cup-Bon is after 5pm and closed on Sunday.

Ice Kacang at Sungai Dua

This is a RM2.50 Ice-kacang. Super like the big big and many many peanuts and the very very soft ice! =)

 This post was originally written on 21st October 2013

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